Geode is a Scrabble word

The word is not a valid Scrabble word

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3 short excerpts from (WikWik is an online database of words defined in English, French, Spanish, Italian and other Wiktionnaries.)

  • Geode S. Mineralogy: crystal-filled hollow rock sphere.
  • (In English) geode n. (Geology) A nodule of stone having a cavity lined with mineral…
  • (In French) géode n.f. (Géologie) Cavité rocheuse tapissée de cristaux et autres…

4 valid words from 3 definitions


14 invalid words from 3 definitions


3 words in the word (words found within the word)


A word in word RnL (The word was written from right to left within the word.)


A cousin (New word formed by changing a letter in the word.)


A lipogram (new word found if only one letter is removed.)


2 anagrams minus one (new words were formed with all letters from the word without a letter.)


Scrabble points

  • 7 points, no rules of the game.

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Categories without words

  • No anagram (word found by changing the order of the letters.)
  • No epenthesis (word found if just one letter is added)
  • No suffix (word found by adding one or more letters to the end of the word.)
  • Not found in the middle (word found by adding letters before and at the end of the word.)
  • No prefix (word found by adding one or more letters before the word.)
  • No anagram can be formed with an additional letter (New word formed with all letters of the word and an additional letter.)

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