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Preparing lamb: interesting facts and tips

Lamb meat is extremely tender and tastes delicious. You can find out everything you need to know about the varied preparation of lamb and helpful tips here.

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Lamb has a characteristic taste and is rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins. The meat of the milk lamb, which is younger than 6 months and which is traditionally slaughtered in spring, is particularly popular. Since the animals are slaughtered between four and eight months of age, they have a very fine aroma. The tart mutton taste only develops in older animals.

Pieces of lamb

The Saddle of lamb consists of the Piece of chop, the Loin chop and the two inside Fillets. Its meat is tender and lean. It is also known as back fillet when triggered. The saddle of lamb can be cooked whole as a roast or grilled. When triggered, it is a delicious basis for a roll or kidney roast. Cut into medallions, it can be fried or grilled.

The same goes for the lamb fillets. However, since these are very small, they are either not triggered at all or they are fried whole.

The Piece of chop has a slightly more marbled and therefore slightly more juicy meat than the sirloin, which, on the other hand, is slightly more delicate and leaner. The chop can be fried or grilled whole. If the chop piece is cut up, stick chops are created.

If that Loin chop Left whole and not divided along the spine, it is called a double loin chop. This can be roasted or grilled as a so-called saddle. If the double loin cutlet is cut into slices, they are called double chops or butterfly chops. In English, lamb chops are called chops. They are wonderful for grilling and quick roasting.

Lamb shank is cut from the lower part of the shoulder or thigh. Their meat is lean and suitable whole for slow braising or roasting in the oven. Sliced ​​the hind leg makes for grilling steaks. Loosened knuckle meat can be braised as goulash or curry. When cooked on the bone, knuckles provide a strong, aromatic stock.

neck and Comb from the lamb are well mixed and therefore remain very juicy during preparation. If the throat is thrown, its meat is well suited for curries, goulash or ragouts. But you can also cut steaks from it. Chops with or without bones can be cut from the comb. The whole piece of comb can also be roasted or stewed.

The shoulder, also called shovel or bow, is significantly smaller compared to the club. Since it has a relatively high proportion of connective tissue, you have to plan a slightly longer cooking time so that it is also soft. As a whole, the shoulder is suitable for roasting or braising. When released, it can be rolled and tied in shape to be prepared as a roll roast. Cut into cubes, the shoulder provides meat for goulash, curries or ragouts, as well as for stews. It can also be used to make minced lamb.

The Club, also called flail, is one of the most expensive cuts of a lamb. If the legs come from small lambs, they are prepared whole, if they come from larger lambs, they can also be divided into upper and lower shells and the nut.
The meat of leg of lamb is lean, tender and flavorful. In younger animals it is light to brick red and surrounded by almost white fat. In older animals, the meat is dark red, the fat a little yellowish.

Legs of lamb can be roasted or grilled whole, with or without the bone. Loosened, rolled and tied, the leg of lamb makes a nice roll roast. The fat on top should not be removed so that the roast does not get too dry during cooking. Large legs can be cut in half to make two roasts. You can also cut them into slices and then get steaks for quick frying.

The innards

The liver is dark and very tender in the lamb. Before preparation, it is skinned and stripped of tubes. Then it can be fried either whole or sliced. Lamb liver is also suitable as sliced ​​meat or for roasting on a spit.

The rounds Kidneys are considered a special delicacy among gourmets. In France they are available in good restaurants under the name "rognons d'agneau". Their shape is reminiscent of pig kidneys, but they are much smaller. Before they can be prepared, they must be soaked for about an hour, preferably under running water. They are also stripped of all tubes and visible fat. Then they are either cut in half or whole fried or braised. Also diced, put on skewers and grilled they taste great.

The Lamb heart consists of firm meat and has a strong taste. It can be braised, fried or grilled.

Not all lamb is created equal

Everyone knows the image of sheep grazing peacefully on the dikes. While lamb is very common in southern Europe, sheep farming in Germany is more concentrated in the north. This may be due to the fact that lamb from the coast is particularly tasty. Old North German sheep breeds such as Heidschnucken or Skudden are currently experiencing a renaissance. These animals are not only suppliers of wool and meat, but also serve to maintain the landscape. The meat of the Heidschnucke is a delicacy and has a taste similar to game meat.

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