Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson special

New to Disney +: "Our Cosmos" brings the wonders of space to your home


Tomorrow, May 1st, there will be new releases again at Disney +. This includes the first season of "Our Cosmos". The educational documentary series with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson shows you the wonders of space.

May 1st is not just a public holiday, but also a Friday this year, which, as Disney + subscribers now know, means novelties. At the beginning of the month there are not only new episodes of the Disney + Originals such as "The Mandalorian" or "Encore!", But also complete seasons of new series. Tomorrow this also includes "Our cosmos: The journey continues".

At the end of the seventies, the documentary series "Our Kosmos" with astrophysicist Carl Sagan took the audience into the vastness of space. Neil deGrasse Tyson, also an astrophysicist, is a great admirer of Sagan and is now continuing his work in "Our Cosmos: The Journey Continues". The journey through the stars is supported by modern computer animation and not only explains the creation of the universe to the audience, but also introduces them to people like Galileo Galilei.

Space fans will already know a lot of the information, but the series "Our Cosmos: The Journey Continues" with its wonderful pictures is the best entertainment for the whole family. Before the planetariums open their doors again, there is probably no better way to travel to the stars.

So far there have been two seasons of "Our Cosmos: The Journey Continues". Season 1 from 2014 can now be found on Disney +, Season 2 from 2020 is only available on Sky so far. As a National Geographic production, however, it should one day find its way to Disney +. In the meantime, there are more exciting documentaries in the Disney + program that deal with trips to the moon, Mars and the sun.

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