What is a B2C marketer

What is the difference between B2C and B2B marketing?

2.) Address and channels

The way you address them also changes due to the different target groups. The consumers in B2C marketing are addressed on an emotional level, as their decisions are based on personal interests. In the past, customers in B2B marketing were only addressed on a factual level with content, facts and figures.

There is no longer a clear separation between B2B and B2C approaches. Emotional content is now also used in the B2B sector and buyers personas are used to identify the problems of decision-makers in the company. This is the only way to accurately address the target group.

If one transfers the address to the technique of storytelling, one can see that consumers in B2C are addressed with sad or humorous stories. In the B2B area, the focus is more on facts, factual content and information. But here, too, the strict separation is increasingly disappearing.

With regard to social media marketing, there are also slightly different strategies. Social media are a particularly good channel for B2C marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in particular are popular social platforms here. Due to the large range, many potential buyers can be reached.

According to a Google study, almost 90 percent of those involved in the B2B sector use the Internet as their first source of information. This means that social media marketing is also playing an increasingly important role in the B2B area. Particularly professional networks such as LinkedIn and Xing are used here.

However, it should be ensured that dealing with social networks is personal and empathetic. Not every service is suitable for every social media user. It all depends on the right content.

Good content must be helpful and convey the company's problem-solving skills. This is the only way to strengthen trust in the company and build long-term relationships.