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Black Friday offers have a long tradition at Amazon. But the mail order company not only celebrates Black Friday, but the entire Cyber ​​Week. During the eight days, you can expect daily changing daily offers as well as lightning offers that change every 5 minutes.

Deal forecast Amazon Cyber ​​Monday week 2021

We expect Cyber ​​Monday Week to be similar to the last two years. That means:

  • From Monday 23 November 2021 at 6 a.m. the first offers activated
  • There are Highlight offers (often on Kindle, Kindle Fire, Prime, Echo, ..) which are valid throughout the week
  • There are Lightning Deals from all categories. Every 5 minutes new lightning offers will be activated. The lightning offers run daily from 6:00 am to 8:15 pm from Monday, November 19 to Monday, November 27, 2021. Prime members (a free trial month is available for new customers) get access to the lightning offers 30 minutes before everyone else. The offers run either for four hours or until the items are sold out.
  • In the week before Cyber ​​Monday week, so-called Cyber ​​Monday Countdown Deals released.

A few weeks in advance, the Internet giant announces on its social media channels which products will be discounted. Nothing is known beforehand.

Amazon Black Friday
Where:Online shop
Summary:Up to 50% off thousands of items on Black Friday.

Mostly it concerns on the one hand several products from Amazon itself. So Kindle Fire, Echo or discounts on Prime. On the other hand, there are highlight products such as the PlayStation 4 Pro, the XBox One, Nintendo Switch, 4K TVs, Surface Pro and so on.

In addition, a large number of niche products are sold, some with huge discounts. You can only find out what these are on the dealer's website. The large number of products could not be sensibly advertised on social media or elsewhere.

It should be noted (as of May 2021) that the world's largest online marketplace only delivers around 70% of all articles to Switzerland. It is quite possible that all deals will also be delivered directly to Switzerland by Black Friday. Recently, you can also see in the order overview whether the order incurs customs costs and, if so, how high these are. In addition, there is also the German VAT. deducted from the sales price.

Tips for Amazon Black Friday

  • Prime members get access to lightning deals 30 minutes before anyone else. Clever bargain hunters order a free 30-day trial membership to Prime for Cyber ​​Week.
  • Price pirate has summarized all information about Amazon orders to Switzerland.
  • The internet giant states the discounts based on the RRP (non-binding sales price). This is usually well above the current market price. So high discount percentages don't necessarily mean you're getting a great bargain. Compare prices in advance on a price comparison portal.
  • Find out about the bargains of the day every morning on our homepage or directly from the mail order company. Then make an appointment in the calendar so that you don't miss the start of the offer. Many offers are sold out within a few minutes. So it pays to be on time.

General information about Amazon Switzerland

Amazon has no branch in Switzerland. This means that you buy from the German branch. Therefore, some special features must be observed:

  • The customs costs are now displayed directly in the order overview.
  • Deliveries usually take longer than 48 hours
  • Not all products are delivered to Switzerland

It is likely that the last two points will change by Black Friday 2021. The internet giant signed a contract with Swiss Post at the end of March 2021 and is now paying customs duties digitally. As of April 2021, a first test phase is running.

Amazon has this ready on Singles Day 2021

Singles Day takes place shortly before Black Friday. This is always on November 11th and attracts even more customers worldwide, as it is celebrated in Asia. Black Friday is the bigger event in Europe and America, but Singles Day is slowly establishing itself. More and more retailers in this country are offering deals on this occasion.

So far, Amazon hasn't participated in Singles Day as far as we know. Perhaps that will change this year, because numerous retailers from Manor to Orell Füssli have already offered discounts on the event. This means that Amazon has a disadvantage compared to the competition here. With a deal for Singles Day 2021, the retailer could catch up with the competition on this day or even become more attractive.

An event specially from Amazon: Prime Day

To celebrate Black Friday in summer too, Amazon has developed its own event. Prime Day always takes place in early or mid-July, and during this time you can take advantage of great discounts on many products for a few days. However, you have to be a member of Amazon Prime to benefit from the deals.

Some highlights among the offers were, for example, two free audio books and a voucher for 10 euros if you took out a trial subscription for the audiobook service Audible. The trial subscription is free, and that's how you got the audio books and voucher just like that. In order to keep the whole thing free, you only had to cancel the trial subscription in good time before the monthly fees were incurred with the transition to the normal subscription.

The different Kindle and Echo models, which are always available at new special prices on Prime Day, are also popular. These are part of a broader range where you can buy thousands of items at an individual discount. You just have to note that many offers on Prime Day are only valid for a short time, so it is best to hurry up to profit.

This is how you buy at Amazon as cheaply as possible

Even if the retailer does not constantly change the range, prices change dynamically. Most things are cheaper in the morning than in the evening and cost less at the beginning of the week than at the weekend.

In addition, Amazon works a lot with psychology - for example, by analyzing the behavior of regular customers or making assumptions based on the access method. Here it is especially advisable that you shop anonymously and first log in at the checkout. In addition, the shop often shows higher prices on mobile devices or in the app because it assumes that buyers are in a hurry.

Another trick to save is the savings subscription. Here you can choose everyday items from cat food to contact lens care products, which are then sent to the customer at a self-selected rhythm. You get a discount compared to the price for individual orders - so anyone who needs regular supplies of a product is well advised with a subscription.


Amazon FAQ

Is Black Friday celebrated on Amazon?

Black Friday has been celebrated on Amazon in recent years in the form of a Black Friday week. This was announced for this year as well, so we can all look forward to an exciting week of Black Friday deals on Amazon. Tens of thousands of bargains are to be offered here, which is already creating anticipation. Especially in the week of Black Friday until the day of the action itself, you should take a look at the offers from Amazon. In the range of the online giant you will find almost everything your heart desires, so that everyone has a chance to find a good deal for themselves.

How are the Black Friday deals presumably handled on Amazon?

Black Friday is celebrated on Amazon in the form of a Black Friday week. During this week there are expected to be many offers of the day as well as a number of lightning deals. These are offers that are only available for a very short period of time at a discounted price. If the purchase is not made before the time expires, the offer will expire and the price will be deferred. Therefore you should stay up to date during the Black Friday week so as not to miss any of the deals.

Which payment methods does Amazon support?

Amazon supports payment with the credit cards MasterCard, American Express, Visa card and Visa card. You can also pay via direct debit or monthly statement. In this case, an invoice will be sent monthly for all orders in the period.

How does the shipment of goods sent by Amazon to Switzerland work?

For Switzerland, some special rules apply on Amazon. The Swiss VAT is levied on deliveries to Switzerland. For books this is reduced to 2.5% of the value of the goods. The prices quoted on Amazon include German VAT, which is converted before the order is placed and the final price and the included VAT are displayed. Book orders are free of charge, all other categories are free of charge from a minimum order value of 49 €, i.e. around CHF 53.-.

In addition, a postal transfer tax is due for books from CHF 200.- and for items from other categories from CHF 62.-, depending on the country of origin of the shipment, this costs CHF 11.50 (Austria, France, Germany, Italy) or CHF 16.- ( Other countries). In this case, a 3% surcharge for the value of goods and VAT based on the value of the goods will be charged by Swiss Post, with the maximum customs clearance price being CHF 70.00.


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