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Interesting Facts About The United States: Culture (2 of 3)

If you want to live your American dream in the near future, you should familiarize yourself a little with America. So last week we looked at the geography of the United States. This week we would like to introduce you to the modern American culture with the second part of USA knowledge:

The wonderful thing about the country "America" ​​is above all thatdiversity. This is also reflected in the culture of Americans, thanks to the so-called"Melting pot"many different cultures united. So it's on with the colorful mixPeople, languages ​​and traditions no wonder America has a lot to offer. The cultural diversity of the United States includes films, music, dance, and theater.

American culture is bigRange of traditions and ideas that all together make the USA this unique country. You may have heard some curiosities about "the Americans" such as the way of always eating with a napkin on your lap or always coming to an appointment on time or you associate the famous cowboy hat or the baseball cap with the states and their people . How Americans behave, what they believe in, how they interact with other people in public, is all part of American culture. Apart from theFriendliness and positive attitude towards life, culture in itself is a complex issue. America has been a melting pot since the continent was discovered and today it has a lot of influence around the world. Just think about a few of the modern cultural events and we're sure many of them take place in the States.

If we look at art in the States, there comes theThe country's idea of ​​independence by: Art is institutionally as independent as the people.

Because there is no central ministry of culture in the USACultural through foundations like the NEH ("National Endowment for the Humanities") and the NEA ("National Endowment for the Arts") as well as financed by private donors. However, this should not be underestimated, as the amounts for cultural funding are estimated at several billion US dollars. From small art galleries and museums to the preservation of historically valuable heritage, support for the art scene and artists has always come from the United States. The following rubrics also play a big role in American culture.

Music culture in the USA

People from all over the world are at home in the States and what did they bring with them: Music! Many of the musical genres that we hear up and down today have their roots in the States.Jazz and blues are real American styles of musicwho had a great influence on hip-hop, rap and rock'n'roll musicians. To this day, the USA has a sure knack for producing musicians who are responsible for the next big hit. So it's no surprise that the Grammy Award (National Academy of Writing Arts and Sciences) is the highest honor a music artist can win internationally. The so-called "Grammys" have been awarded in Los Angeles since 1959. The artists are in78 categories in total (singing, composition, music, production, sound engineering) excellent.

Film culture in the USA

A cowboy riding into the sunset, huge explosions, the "good" triumphing over the "bad", a lot of superheroes and happy endings:American films dominate the film industry. Films in the States have always been good indicators of cultural changes in society. The (Hollywood) productions reflect the feelings of the respective time. Sometimes Americans need a superhero in fancy costume, and sometimes the average person is everyone's hero. Here, too, there are two things that one associates with the "film" culture. Once there are of course the famous onesHollywood Hills and the Hollywood label posted there, and on the other hand it is theOscar (Academy Award of Merit). The award ceremony for the Oscar has been around since 1929. TheFilm award is in 30 categories and the award ceremony usually takes place inDolby Theater held in Los Angeles. Foreign films also have a chance to win the famous Oscar.

Theater culture in the USA

Everyone knows the heavily lit Broadway (hence also called "The Great White Way") in New York City. This is the so-called "theater district" as there are around 40 theaters there. For many theater artists it isabsolute American dream to appear once on Broadway to be allowed. In the late 19th century, there were many small variety playhouses all over New York City, showing plays for long periods of time. However, it was not until 1903 that the oldest and still operating theater on Broadway, "The Lyceum Theater" was built. Today the actors use the stage to bring complex, cultural topics closer to the audience. Worldwide is theBroadway is known for its musicals such as The Lion King, Wicked, Rent, Hamilton, which one immenseInfluence on US pop culture to have.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to American culture. Of course, it also includes a large area of ​​artistic skillLiterature, the fine arts, architecture, the human sciences, education and language, traditions and habits and many more.

We shouldn't forget one very tasty aspect of American culture, and that isculinary arts. No matter where you are in the States, you can get great local specialties, and the culinary fast-food culture is as present in no other country as in the United States. The subject of sports events is also a very large and popular topic among Americans.

We could go on like this forever, because no country is so colorful and offers so many possibilities. It is not for nothing that it is called "The Land of Unlimited Possibilities"! If you would like to take the chance to live your American dream, you now have the opportunity to register for the next Green Card Lottery DV-23. We keep our fingers crossed that your American dream will also come true!