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Forwarding - industry information

A forwarding agency is a service provider who organizes and handles the dispatch of goods. Many freight forwarders work nationally and transport the freight by truck within Germany or to neighboring countries. But there are also numerous forwarding companies that operate internationally. They sometimes transport the cargo across continents and use all means of transport such as ships, planes and railways. Only the transport from the producer to the terminal and to the end customer is then carried out by truck.

Because the multitude of tasks involved in the transport of goods can only be carried out by large companies on their own, a number of specialists have emerged in medium-sized businesses. If the expert knowledge of several specialists is required for an order, they work together in a network. These specialists are, for example, air freight, seaport, inland waterway and rail freight forwarders. Not every freight is transported by every forwarding company. Groupage that is delivered by different senders to several recipients places completely different demands on the freight forwarder, such as the transport of food. Another area of ​​responsibility of the specialists is the freight of furniture or the organization of removals. What many do not know: Parcel service providers are also part of the shipping industry.

For some years now, the trend has been clearly in the direction that freight forwarders are increasingly becoming service providers in the field of logistics. As a result of this development, for example, the former apprenticeship as a forwarding agent was converted to a forwarding and logistics service agent on August 1, 2004. In a sense, they form the heart of a freight forwarding company. Because they are not only responsible for ensuring that the goods are delivered on time, but also for proper storage at the transshipment points. Because the freight is not delivered directly from point A to point B, but is first collected in the warehouse in order to be able to make optimal route planning.

This results in a wide range of tasks for the employees of the forwarding company. An important point is the organization of the relevant freight services. Because not every forwarding company has its own fleet of vehicles and warehouses, but rather assigns the relevant orders to subcontractors. Because small and medium-sized companies also make use of the service of a freight forwarder, bundling several small shipments is another important point. Ultimately, the transport should be carried out as cheaply and effectively as possible for everyone involved. Warehousing is also an essential part of a freight forwarding company. This area encompasses much more than just storing goods. Inventory management and the knowledge of how the goods must be handled correctly are part of the essential tasks of logistics specialists.

In the background, a forwarding company offers a variety of other services. This begins with the possible repackaging of the goods to be shipped and extends through the handling of complaints to the handling of customs formalities in the case of international shipments.