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Buy gifts online. ✅ Fancy Birthday gifts and ✅ presents for everyone. ✅ Choose, order and buy online. With more than 5000 different products, we offer you a wide variety of individualized gift ideas. Are you looking for a present? For example, personalized chocolate? We have the choice. More than 500,000 satisfied customers confirm this. From funny gifts, fun about "getting older", joke gifts, gifts for Easter or Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, as well as classic wedding gifts and gifts made of wood, we offer you gift ideas for almost all occasions.

Gifts for school enrollment

Gifts for school enrollment

The time has come soon: the first children are starting theirs Back to school, which is why you should start thinking about which ones Gifts for school enrollment one wants to hand over. From the gift packaging in the form of a Sugar bag or school cones to fun or educational gifts for the first years of school - with us you will find all the gifts for school enrollment that your heart desires. With suitable designs for each child, you can buy entire sets with the same motif and personalization for the child so that they are perfectly equipped for the first years in school. Gifts for school enrollment can be small, such as a key ring or personalized chocolate, or larger in the form of a stylish pencil case, wallet or mug. Depending on the child's interests, you will find the perfect present for them here School introduction Find!


Wedding gifts always have a very symbolic value. A wedding is something positive that gives our life a deeper meaning. The beginning of a wonderful togetherness. That is, at least, what wedding favors can express. “In the beginning, there was the light.” This light can be symbolically given away in the form of our lantern engraved with it Names of the bride and groom. This beautiful lantern is also a great decoration for the wedding table and one of our most beautiful Wedding favors. We also carry many gifts for wedding such as decorative presents, personalized wedding gifts and wedding favors, as well as funny gifts and photo gifts that fit the theme of marriage, such as our unusual money gifts for weddings and wedding gifts with personalization.

Wedding favors

Printed candles

Printed candles are booming all year round. Whether you put it on the garden table with a glass of wine on warm summer nights, for the birth or baptism of a child, or as a birthday candle, personalized with the name of the birthday child. Birthday children, in particular, are happy when on a nice one printed candle you can also see her photo. Candles with a photo are extremely popular. Especially because we use manufacturing processes that make every photo candle look brilliant. Not to forget the Christmas season, when candles are an indispensable decorative utensil. You can find a wide variety of printed candles in our gift shop. More information at: Guide candles.

Printed candles

Exceptional birthday gifts

Whether current gadgets, funny gifts for men and women and birthday gifts or noble gifts for women, with us you will find the right gifts for almost every occasion. We offer a large selection of funny gifts for women and men, but also many gift ideas that are also suitable as special Christmas gifts. Here are a few more ideas for more extraordinary birthday gifts.

From technical toys or smartphone accessories to printed mugs or banners, we make the hearts of the recipients beat faster. We are traveling all over the world for you and are looking for the trendiest gifts for men and women. Personalized birthday gifts do not have to be expensive, you can get personal gifts with your desired name from us from 6.95 €. Women like to give their men experiences, city trips, vouchers or elegant pens with engraving. Men give their loved ones a bracelet with Swarovski stones, a bottle of Prosecco or a warm blanket to keep them from freezing.
If you are looking for something for your loved ones for Easter, you are guaranteed to find the right gift idea in our Easter gifts category.

Birthday gifts

Personalized gifts for men and women. Say it with a personal gift. Show the recipient that you really appreciate them and give engraved birthday presents. Particularly popular personalized gifts are, glasses with engraving, printed photo mugs or our personally designed Birthday newspaper. Self-designed chocolate bars, fine wine and champagne bottles and printed floor mats are also very much in vogue. If you have to say goodbye to someone, you will find the right parting gifts with us. You can also find iPhone covers, printed pencil cases, sticker sets, t-shirts with sayings, jewelry, noble gifts with engraving, monetary gifts, personalized Christmas gifts, funeral gifts and much more.

Engraved glasses

Both, the material glass, as well as one located on it engraving, convey a touch of immortality. And that is how an engraving is meant in most cases. One engraved Names or Lettering on glass to affix it is a great honor for the person to whom this engraving is intended. You can feel and feel engraved writing on a glass, or even just admire it, if it is designed to be optically attractive.

Engraved glasses are manufactured by us with the greatest care and the latest technology, so that you can enjoy every "little work of art" created by us. Our glasses come in many styles. Whether wine glasses, champagne glasses, whiskey glasses or those for water or juice. For each of these different drinking glasses or vessels, there is of course the possibility of labeling them in the most varied of ways.

Gifts for babies

Buy gifts online

Buy online - one trendwhich is becoming more and more popular. In the early days of online shops, it was actually the case that you had to be satisfied with a very small selection of gifts, or you had to shop in conventional gift shops in the city center.

These times have fundamentally changed. Online shops for unusual gift ideas such as "Gifts-online.de" specialize in gifts of all kinds.

Nowadays, buying gifts online is not only an extremely convenient way of shopping, but also a safe and fast one. Your orders will be delivered reliably and securely to your door within a very short time from receipt. If you want to buy original birthday gifts online, you will find exactly the right offer on our pages. And of course we carry gift packaging and packaging for children's gifts and creative gift packaging for everyone.

Christening candles

Birth gifts - for babies & baptisms

Gifts for the birth or the baptism of babies are mostly symbolic in character. Newborn babies themselves cannot yet perceive or assign these gifts. Gifts for birth or baptism are presents to the parents who receive them instead of the babies.

Be it personalized flannel towels to suckle or candles, money boxes with cute motifs or lucky charms.

On our pages on gifts for babies, you will find a lot that will make your heart laugh. And when the time comes, put a smile on the baby's face too.

Christening gifts inexpensive

In our shop you will find many christening gifts that are particularly inexpensive. To do this, take a look at the article: Christening gifts inexpensive.

Christening candles

Christening candles for girls and christening candles for boys are available in a wide range and with different motifs and colors. For baptism, one of the most sacred moments in a person's life, it should of course be a very special candle. And of course you are the one who decides what is about yours Baptism candle is so special. Christening candles with a photo for girls or boys, a candle with a particularly playful motif or a more traditional candle in white with a Christian symbol. We have made every effort to provide you with the widest possible selection of christening candles.

Christening candles symbolize the light of a person's life.
Baptism is a Christian custom, a rite that has been around since the time of the New Testament. Baptism is also, symbolically, entry into the Christian community. Traditionally, christening candles are lit by the Easter light in the church. Whether christening candles for girls or christening candles for boys is often decided by the color and the motif. See for yourself - and look forward to our diverse and creative selection of beautiful, personalized christening candles.

Personal birthday gifts

Personal gifts

Personal Birthday gifts are usually considered to be of higher quality, even if they are possibly simple gifts for a birthday. It's up to the personalization that signals to the recipient how much effort someone has put into them. A birthday present with the name of the birthday child on it, either engraved or printed, can of course be expanded in terms of personalization. For example, through a saying or a verse that is precisely tailored to the birthday child. Personal birthday gifts are taken personally. And that's good.

Why do you give?

Ideally, a gift is something you give someone so that they can enjoy it. Giving someone something selflessly, by means of which they can recognize that they are loved, thought of, respected or valued. As I said, that is the ideal case. Even the saying: "Small gifts preserve friendship" is not consistent in itself if you take it seriously. Because an actual friendship consists of love, affection and closeness. Presentsto get a Friendship you shouldn't really need to get it. Actually. Many people have a hard time just like that - "I love you" accept. And it is precisely these people who express their benevolence in gifts by giving something away, for what they do not want to use words for or for which they would not be enough.

Give to those who actually need something

A selfless gift can be to give something to people who cannot afford to buy something very specific. You can do it yourself and give it to the one who needs it, for whom it is necessary for life. And "necessary", is the next word that can play a big role in giving. Necessary, comes from "averting need".

So if you can give someone something that is necessary for that person, you will feel good to see that your present has averted need. You can best see selfless giving in people who give something to other people in need. With a probability bordering on certainty, the two will not meet again. The only thing that remains for both of them is a good feeling. And that is priceless.

Engraved glasses

Presents that serve a purpose.

Do all kinds of gifts have to be selfless? You do not have to. There are also some that fulfill a very specific purpose, but ideally the recipient still pleases the recipient, for example through their originality or personalization. The best example: business gifts. Nice, funny gifts, humorous things that advertise. For a company, institution or association. Ideally, those that are used in everyday life, as you are then confronted with this form of advertising, the promotional gift, on a daily basis.

For example gadgets. Gadgets are technical gadgets that nobody really needs, but which are made possible by their shape, design and ingenuity, Giving people joy. Joy about gadgets? Why not? Life is hard enough. For example, we have a funny bottle opener in the shape of a life preserver. A small gift that is not particularly noticeable and should not be. Simply a gadget that makes you smile.

Presents with printing and engraving

Our birthday gifts with print or engraving are particularly original and unique gifts. These are so well made that they cause general admiration and the birthday child feels addressed personally.

Wish good luck

Of course, you can also wish someone luck with gifts that are appropriate for the occasion, which you give with “on the way”. For example one as a wedding present Voucher for a happy one honeymoon or a personalized chocolate. Unusual birthday gifts for a birthday, symbolic presents that wish happiness for the New Year via saying, number or personalization. Baptism giftssymbolic of the wish for a good, living healthy stand.

Giving gifts to be fun

"Little joke aside". Joke gifts are uplifting and are there to make someone laugh. A smiling face is always one too Gift to yourself. Many people are worried about getting older and look forward to a new year of life, possibly an advanced one, with heavy thoughts. Sacher ore gifts like the one available from us "Old sack" - a gift sack, humorously wrapped or a "Shower gel against aging", should help to drive away the heavy thoughts of the following, possibly high year of life.

Photo gifts

Photo gifts

A photo Giving them away is sometimes the most personal way to bring yourself to mind and keep it. Photo gifts fulfill their purpose where they are particularly noticeable. On personal everyday objects. Before, you had a photo in one Photo frame Gifts, as one of the few ways to present photos as gifts. With advances in technology and machines, there are now a multitude of possibilities photos and Photo gifts showcase. See: photo gifts

Wood as packaging & for its content

In times when environmentally conscious living and acting is justifiably more and more on the agenda of many people, plays Wood, as a natural, renewable material is playing an increasingly important role. Wood can be processed wonderfully and brought into the desired shapes, as well as serving as packaging. Wood is the perfect material for personal engravings and lettering. With us you will find a variety of wooden gifts as well as packaging made of wood.

For example, we have a beautiful one Wooden box with engraving for the wedding with two hearts and the names of the wedding couple. Or our humorous “man's handbag”. One engraved Wooden beams with your name. You can find many more creative examples made of wood at: Gifts made of wood.

Presents for women

For Women we carry a variety of gifts that are more stylized than women. For example, we offer a “girls' evening” set as a women's gift with beautiful packaging and a bottle of fresh summer Bellini and two engraved champagne glasses. Or a printed, personalized drinking glass. Decorative, modern and in light colors. Very humorous, for women who celebrate a more advanced birthday is our shower gel with the humorous inscription: "The paint is off". You can find this and many more gifts for women at: gifts for women. We carry inexpensive, exclusive gifts for women as well as personalized gifts with an individual touch.



Personal for men

Gifts for men in our shop are those that men would rather prefer.
With a bit of humor, we offer a shower gel set that looks like two bottles of motor oil as gifts for men. Or a "real men" gift set, consisting of a gift sack with the inscription "Old sack“And two mini dumbbells as well as a schnapps labeled Vijakra Fluid. In addition a mini folding rule. You will find numerous other funny and entertaining as well as useful gifts for men in our shop.

For children

Almost nothing can be compared to the joy you feel when you can give something to children. Something that you can be sure that children will enjoy.Something to play with, to love or to wear. Very practical gifts, such as a beautiful colorful children's backpack and colored pencils as gifts for school enrollment, make the children even more happy when they see their own name written on them. That can also be a children's cutlery with a name on it and a cute monkey so that they can children like to eat and quickly "grow big and strong". You can find wonderful children's gifts for communion or confirmation under: Gifts for children. Current: Communion - Confirmation.

Cards for many occasions

In our shop we offer you a wide variety of gifts for many occasions. And of course we also have the right ones cards. If Birthday cards, wedding cards, Cards for congratulations - greeting cards or to mourn. A gift, with the matching card, is an upgrade of the content. Just because of the card? Of course not. However, cards that you can find in our gift shop are all extraordinary, personal and highly original.

Exclusive gifts

Exclusive - high quality & noble

You will find many in our range exclusive, noble and high quality Gifts. Exclusive, if only because these gifts are personalized with us, if you wish. For example our very personally designed wine sets with a personal touch, which you can already see on the exclusive gift packaging. Exclusive means “to exclude other things”. We are happy to recommend our exclusive candles with numbers for birthdays and anniversaries.

And this is the case as soon as the recipient's name is on the personalized gift. Exclusive, in the sense of high-quality, noble and elegant. We carry exclusive sparkling wine gifts or wine sets for you, which are further refined with an engraving. These gifts are very high quality and unique. Speak; exclusive.


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