Why do turtles die at home

Turtles are demanding pets

Keeping turtles as pets is not only laborious, it can also be dangerous.

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Nice but difficult to maintain.

"70 percent of the tortoises kept as pets die from improper management," explains Sandra Altherr from Pro Wildlife. This was shown by a study by scientists at the University of Leipzig who determined the cause of death of turtles by autopsy.

Posture requires a lot of knowledge

Incorrect posture included, for example, a terrarium that was too small and unsuitable food. In addition, many turtles do not have a suitable option for wintering, or the water temperature is not sufficiently lowered by the owner at night.

Turtles can transmit diseases

According to Altherr, owners also underestimate the parasites and bacteria that turtles bring into their homes. Salmonella in particular is a problem. These are excreted by the reptiles in the faeces. Just touching it is enough to get infected.

It is best to buy turtles from the breeder

Parasites such as ticks or mites could be avoided if the animals were bought from a German breeder. "Let the parent animals show you and take a look at the breeding on site," recommends Altherr. Animals in the pet trade or on animal fairs mostly came from farms or were caught in the wild. Many of them are contaminated with pathogens. It is difficult for people to protect themselves from this: "Washing hands alone does not help." Because if the animal is kept in the apartment, it is enough if, for example, you touch the carpet that the turtle has previously walked on.

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Children get bored easily with turtles

The biologist advises against using a turtle as a pet for children not only because of the risk of infection. «Your behavior is not very exciting. There is hardly any interaction. " The child does not get anything in return from the animal and is accordingly bored. It then quickly lands in the corner of the room. And that can become a problem: Because some species of tortoises live as old as their owner.

Turtles hibernate in the refrigerator

Turtles tend to like it cold during their hibernation. Therefore, the refrigerator is the ideal place for the winter months. more

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| Updated: January 6, 2016

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