How did LeBron James get so big

LeBron James: "I am the chosen one"

America's basketball players are the crowd puller at the Summer Games in London. The dazzling NBA stars delight with their game. LeBron James fulfills his role as an alpha animal.

When he has the ball and is running towards the basket, some defenders step aside to be on the safe side. Although he is 2.03 meters tall and weighs 115 kilograms, his movements on the parquet still seem graceful. He dupes opponents with feinting, his throws are spectacular, they usually find their target. Very rarely does basketball still dance around the ring, and if it doesn't want to fall into the net, LeBron James helps in his inimitable way and stuffs him through the steel ring. The 27-year-old is America's basketball star and wants to win gold at the Summer Games in London.

LeBron Raymone James is the best player US basketball has to offer today. Many already compare him to the old-time great Michael Jordan due to his dominance, but in truth the contrast is too great. Michael Jordan was the pioneer for James, he sparked the boom in the National Basketball Association in the 1990s, from which James, his legacy, benefited. Jordan negotiated mega-contracts with equipment suppliers and sponsors, which are now awarded to James without much haggling.

It has its price. Jordan was called "Air", James called her "King". He himself has also come up with something to maintain his cult status. He baptized himself “The Chosen One” - he is the “chosen one”. So that he doesn't forget it, he wears it as a tattoo on his back.

By the time James stepped straight out of high school into the best basketball league in the world in 2003 and signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he was already a superstar. Several games of his student team were seen live in America. "Look here, there he comes - the chosen one", the basketball player was immediately recommended to his fans and the industry.

The Akron slum teenager, whose father was in jail for possession of cocaine that his mother often gave to foster parents, enjoyed the spotlight. The 18-year-old knew how to convince, but that comes at a price. The Cavaliers, a club that toured the league in midfield, transferred $ 19 million for a four-year deal. That wasn't enough for the young star, but as a “rookie”, as a newcomer, he had to play along. In addition, he had already agreed a contract with Nike. The Akron, Ohio teenager got $ 100 million before scoring the first basket.

Off to Miami! 29 shoe models and seven years later, however, his myth had lost its radiance. Cleveland lost the 2007 final against San Antonio 4-0. It was also too tight for the “chosen one” in the city, too boring. Cleveland and the Chosen One, that no longer fit into the marketing concept. After no other stars were signed to fulfill his dream of the title, he moved to Miami in 2010. All Americans learned about this from television, of course. The announcement was broadcast live. He said: "I am taking my talents to South Beach." There the price was also undisputed: 110 million dollars for six years.

LeBron James and Miami, it worked straight away. The “go-to guy”, as the jargon calls the players who always take care of the ball and points in tricky game phases, led Miami Heat straight to the final. Miami lost to Dallas and Dirk Nowitzki, but in the following season "King James" was crowned NBA champion. Oklahoma City Thunder stood no chance against his throws, passes and dunkings.

Even at summer games, LeBron James is always the focus of the US team. In 2004 he witnessed the weak performance on the bench in Athens, saying that bronze was a “shame” for him. In 2008, however, he led America to the gold medal, which should, no, it has to be in London too. Then he won the Olympics twice, once more than Michael Jordan. In order to commemorate his openly shown vanity, James booked a "triple double" twice on the way there - he scored, collected rebounds and assists in the double-digit range. Even Jordan couldn't do that in 1992.

Always in the Rolls-Royce. And there is one other point in which James differs significantly from Jordan. He also provides entertainment off the field. Either in your own ranks with jokes or for the fans. The father of two played a gangster rapper not just once for photographers on the Olympic site. He has an extreme preference for the extraordinary. The three-time MVP of the NBA, i.e. the best player in the professional league, rolls out to every training session with the Rolls-Royce. "Otherwise," he says, "it wouldn't be right for a King."

In the big final on Sunday (4 p.m. CEST), the 2008 Olympic final will be relaunched, the opponent being European champions Spain (67:59 against Russia). The US star ensemble warmed up in the semifinals with a 109: 83 against Argentina.

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LeBron James
was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. His mother was 16 years old at the time, his father was in prison and left the family shortly after the birth.

In high school
James excelled, his games were shown live throughout the US. In 2003 he moved to the NBA and signed with Cleveland.

The first NBA final
he clearly lost to San Antonio in 2007. In 2012 he was named champion with Miami Heat.

At summer games
James is always there. He is playing for the USA for the third time in London, winning bronze in 2004 and gold in 2008.

The king"
is with his
High school sweetheart Savannah married and have two children with me.

("Die Presse", print edition, August 12, 2012)