What poem brought tears to your eyes

What counts is all that you have given in passing.
Traded tears
only for feelings there are no numbers
no readable scale, the feeling
lives and dies with people.
I think I want to be silent
tell nobody
I gave you away
pointless given away!

I lost you,
You are not a number, you are human
Feel, experience, a wine,
maybe one day you'll wake up again
like a morning sun and fall on me.
Only then would the shadows
be much longer.
Narrow and pointed like the fingers of death.
there will be no more storm
to sweep everything smooth.

The remains of the last rest stop
are going to come to a close
pull together.
The unrecognizable faces are smeared
with fader memory.
The coarse-grained dust crunches under your shoes,
I can hear it exactly, my ear is pressed to the ground,
she was always my only orientation,
we should stand for a moment
and wonder if it was a bigger mistake
to go or to come back.

These are the most human mistakes
consists of this and that
the heart that trembles over and over again.
One remains, the other seeks escape.
You must never try to escape from yourself
You can sell your skin, but not your soul.
Yes. Admittedly i'm sad
but still have to stand upright, carefully,
so as not to choke me on the hand of time.
Nothing would be more familiar to me than a few happy hours
but they are buried very deep.


I love you because I have to love you ...

I love you because I have to love you;
I love you because I can't help it;
I love you after a heavenly conclusion;
I love you by a spell

I love you as the rose her bush;
I love you as the sun shines;
I love you because you are my breath of life;
I love you because loving you is my being.

Love is like a poem
A poem written about spring
dictated by summer
read from autumn,
dreamed of winter.

Love is like a drop of dew
A drop of dew - moved by the air,
warmed by the sun,
pearls off the leaf
drunk greedily from the earth.

Love is like the wind
Wind - that gently brushes your cheeks,
who violently tousles your hair,
it dries your wet eyes
that blows quietly through the branches.

Love is more than just a word
more than just a thought
more than just a feeling.

Love is what i feel for you.

A little smile

A little smile delights every heart
a small smile often relieves pain.
A smile speaks a lot, even without a word.
It wipes away many tears and worries.

The love of the neighbor! Not hate and envy!
With peace in heart there would be less suffering.
A song in mind and a smile too.
That is so beautiful, that is blissful rest.

A little smile it doesn't cost any money
but that would make it more beautiful - the world.
A little smile delights every heart
so smile contentedly, it relieves your pain.

When your heart is sad (from Little Gremlin)

If your heart is sad and heavy
send me a message.
Then I'll lend you my smile
and let your worries vanish.
'Cause the smile on your face
brought me to this little poem


My eyes are for everyone
but my heart only beats for you.
So if you like me
hold me tight don't forget me
Many girls you will know
who you think love you
but soon you will realize
no one loves you like me.

I love you because I have to love you ...

I love you because I have to love you;
I love you because I can't help it;
I love you after a heavenly conclusion;
I love you by a spell

I love you as the rose her bush;
I love you as the sun shines;
I love you because you are my breath of life;
I love you because loving you is my being.

Are you sad, are you worried?
Should I borrow you my smile?
Makes you happy, brings you happiness
give it back to me sometime!


If I did not have you,
I'll make every bet
if life weren't even half as good
i love you and thank you!

When I'm with you, mine stays
World, then I want you
hold on & never let go again.
You are the most wonderful
Person in this world, you are
all that matters to me
Every second without you appears
Pointless to me, but in your arms
I find consolation again.
A little smile from you
save my day with a thousand words
I couldn't describe
how much I love you.
For you I would until
Go to the end of this world
just to be with you
I miss you every day
even more so in these moments
I realize my life
would be empty without you.

With you from the first moment
my life started, from that moment on you were the only one.

For your love I would give my last breath, I gave you my hand with my heart from this moment on, as long as I live, I will love you,
There's nothing I wouldn't give up for you

You're the reason I believe in love, all I need is you

I hope you understand why I'm so weird
but without you my life has no meaning
I dream of what it would be like without me
I wish our paths hadn't crossed
would never have met you
wouldn't feel so bad
I still need you
And I believe that forever.
I messed up a lot
I cried for another man
but i'm sorry.
'Cause I only want you
I need you
You said it doesn't make sense anymore
you do not love me anymore.
But unfortunately I don't understand that.
I thought you loved me and there is still a chance for us, but I was wrong.

I still think about you
Day and night.
I thought that was over
but now I know -
You are my darling and I love you
But you ... you said no
You took my laughter away
Broke my heart
You said I made a mistake
But I don't see him.
I do not get it.
I didn't want to make mistakes.
I actually wanted to do everything right.
please tell me why we part ways
Why don't we talk anymore ...
There are so many questions for you ... but that's probably my fault.
Please talk with me.
I miss you so much.

I said I don't love you anymore
But since that moment something is no longer right with me.
I see you with her
I regret my decision so much.
What's up with you?
You look at me so cool
I know I made this mistake
I tried to forget you
I looked for a boy
But he didn't give me what I get from you.
I have this pain inside
I don't know what to do with it.
My heart Belongs only to you.
I told you that.
I carve it into myself.
I cried for you
I can't handle it.
That's why I'm writing these lines.
no one will ever know - I still love you.
And you??? Have you forgotten me.
But what should I do?
You will soon go out of my life
And we won't see each other anymore
Let alone talk.
But I probably do the best.

I wonder,
what would you do,
if i just go to you
stand in front of you
And when I look you in the eye
and wine
and tell you it's your tears
because they fall because of you.
What would you do,
if I just show you my heart
tell you
It's broken because of you
because you're hurting me right now.
I ask you,
what would you do?
Turn around and go
Just stand in front of me in silence?
I dont know
But no fear
i will never do it
I love you way too much

You stole my heart
now it's just dust.
Dust in the air that freezes.
I need you.
I play something for everyone
just to forget you
But it's over.
And it still hurts so much when I see you
I want to forget you
but I'll keep fighting for you
I once meant a lot to you.
But you forgot everything
but you don't have to forget it.
Come back to me
You are my everything and only that counts.
My love for you now lasts
forever and ever.
But at some point I'm no longer there
my heart is still with you then
but inside of me it is empty.
Do you want to let it end like this?
Think it over well and don't mess up.
You talk to me, but it doesn't work.
Look me in the face
Look at my tears
that fall for you every night
just tell me there's nothing left
Then I'm gone and it goes on as it is.
But i need you so much
my life has no meaning without you.
I still need a second chance
Please give it to me!
Never forget me and our love !!

You destroyed my soul
Didn't you hear my screams
Didn't you see my pain
I couldn't do anything but plead.
Am I not your little one anymore?
Don't you see how I'm crying?
You messed up my life
And I trusted you.
I always liked to be with you
You were always nice to me.
Sang me to sleep in the evening
But now you've devoured my heart.
You took my laughter from me
Now I can never come to you again.
I thought I was safe with you
And the guilt is all mine alone.
Didn't you feel my sound?
You touched me everywhere.
Your eyes greedy, wild,
this image has haunted me ever since.
And my tears flowed slowly.
I've shed all my heart
Until the tears run dry.
It's over, you have won.
My eyes are now empty.
There are no more tears.
And your laughter how it sounds.
Still reverberating in my heart
And my soul is empty now.
I don't feel any more pain
And my feelings are dead now
Only my blood is still red.
I was your sweet little child
I didn't know what pain was.
You made it easy for me
And taught me quickly.
But my sweet little girl life
I've finally given up.
I've been with you way too long
And the guilt is still mine.
I never want to look you in the eye again
I can never trust you again.
You never hear from me again.
I will never come to you again.


|| .......... The time ............. ||
|| ....... DOES NOT heal wounds ...... ||
|| ...... you just get used to ..... ||
|| ........ of the pain ........ ||

Oda leave me alone
DanN LasS MicH in the rain
DenN in the rain
You can't see any tears

MâN KâNn VîéLêS VêRGêSsêN:
Sleepless nights

âBêR JêMâNdêN, DêR Sô BêSôNdêRs îSt Wîé Dû,
DêN VêrGîSst mâN NîChT !!!!!!!!!!


True friends are those people who have one soul in different
Bodies can live!
Each of them has a wing with which one is not alone but
can fly together!