Are pellet guns really not lethal

At least 28 people holding BB or pellet rifles were killed by police in US in 2015 & period;

The deaths led some MPs to push for stricter rules on the design of non-lethal weapons - which often resemble real firearms

Police officers in the US killed at least 28 people holding BB or pellet pistols comparable to a Tamir Rice wore when he was shot in Cleveland, Ohio in 2015.

The steady stream of deaths, recorded by a Guardian investigation of all deaths caused by law enforcement, has led some lawmakers and activists to push for stricter regulations on the design of non-lethal weapons, which often resemble real firearms.

Announcing Monday that the officers involved in the November 2014 rice death would not file criminal charges, Cuyahoga County Attorney Timothy McGinty said, "I want to urge lawmakers and toy gun manufacturers not to make guns that look like this like the real thing. "

On Friday, a new law will go into effect in California. It bars the sale of BB Guns unless the "entire outer surface of the device is white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink, or bright purple, either individually or as the predominant color in." Combination with other colors in each pattern "or it is transparent.

Support for the measure, signed by Governor Jerry Brown last September, stepped up after the fatal shooting by Sonoma County police of Andy Lopez, a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a plastic toy gun, which resembled an AK-47 rifle.

Local activist Marni Wroth said in the wake of regulating toy guns Andy's death has never been a priority for activists, who have instead prioritized advocating greater control over police use of force. Angrily, McGinty was on the phone at the rifle toy manufacturer to change "distraction," and that the primary issue remained with police policy.

"That, for me, is just smoke and mirrors," she said.

The sheriff's deputy Lopez killed in October 2013 said the barrel of the Lopez toy gun pulled Lopez upside down against him and another officer after the deputy yelled at him to drop the gun. Officer, Erick Gelhaus, do not file criminal charges.

About nine months later, 22-year-old John Crawford was shot dead in a Walmart superstore near Dayton, Ohio, he had to speak on his cellphone and hold a pellet gun from a shelf he picked up. Surveillance footage showed that Crawford was being filmed almost immediately as he tried to flee as an armed officer advancing through an aisle shouted an order at him. A grand jury decided to indict the officers in this case.

Several deaths this year involved people officers placed in difficult situations by swinging pellet rifles while allegedly pretending to be armed with a real firearm. But otherwise have more questions about the actions of the Answering Officers.

Tiano Meton was killed by Border Patrol agents in January after refusing to stop at a checkpoint in Texas, authorities said. Officers pursued Meton for about 30 miles before Meton drove off-road. When agents stopped approaching Meton's car, one of them yelled "Gun!" prompting two agents on an open fire, according to the Hudspeth County Herald. Investigators later said that a "pistol-shaped air rifle" Meton's car was found.

MPs in San Bernardino County killed after officials Ernesto Flores in April after family members called the police when Flores set his sofa on fire. Flores' daughter said she told the emergency dispatcher that her father was armed with an air rifle. Flores reportedly showed the pellet rifle at relevant MPs who fired beanbag rounds before fatally shooting Flores.

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