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Create great team websites with ease

  • With Google Sites, you can collaborate with colleagues to create high-quality, interactive websites for your team, project, or event. Google Sites websites impress on every screen - from computers to smartphones. And the highlight: You don't need any programming knowledge.

Create websites without any programming knowledge

With Google Sites, you can easily showcase your teamwork and have access to all of your content through Google Workspace - from folders in Google Drive to Google Docs to shared calendars.

Content displayed perfectly on all devices

Carefully selected designs make your content always look perfect. The built-in optimization feature in Google Sites automatically adjusts your work to fit each screen. Your websites will be presented in an appealing way everywhere.

Move, insert using drag-and-drop, edit - done

Creating and editing websites is a breeze: just click and drag-and-drop content. The design is automatically rearranged in a grid view. As a result, all content is optimally placed and can be easily moved, rearranged, enlarged or reduced.

Developed for collaboration

In Google Sites, you can collaborate on files with other people in real time. You can do this with the same effective sharing options as in Google Drive and Google Docs. Just like in Google Docs, you can see other collaborators' changes in real time - for easy collaboration.

Secure websites without IT skills

Just like in Google Docs, users can manage sharing permissions and ownership in Google Sites with just a few clicks. Embedded content retains its original permissions for reliable, precise control.

With Google Sites, the authorities in our city - for example the personnel administration or the office for emergency planning - have created reliable websites with a great design, and that without any support from IT, 'says Ross. 'We can concentrate fully on the programming and the employees have the opportunity to create the right content as needed.

Ted Ross

los Angeles

Can external visitors access a company website?

Yes. People outside of your company can access your website even if they don't have their own Google Workspace account. However, it is possible to restrict access via the share settings as required.

Can I still use the previous version of Google Sites?

If your company is using an earlier version of Google Sites, it can continue to be used without any impairment. You can continue to edit and share your Google Sites websites as usual.

Can I purchase a domain through Google?

Google will be happy to assist you in purchasing a domain from one of our domain host partners. To do this, simply select the option Buy a new domain now during registration. We'll then walk you through the whole process and help you set up Google Workspace for your new domain.

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