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Looking for the cheapest WordPress hosting (3 great options, starting at $ 1.25 / month)

TL; DR - Read Hostinger ($ 1.99 / mo) and TMD Hosting ($ 5.95 / mo) - both are highly recommended if you're looking for cheap hosting that is optimized for WordPress.

The security, features and speed of your WordPress website depend on the infrastructure of the web host. While premium (read: expensive) hosting plans are nice, a cheap WordPress hosting plan is usually good enough for many websites.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about choosing a WordPress hosting that suits your budget without sacrificing quality.

First, let's understand what you're asking. If you know what to look for, feel free to switch to our recommended web hosts.

Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress is the most widely used CMS and has a market share of 64.2%. Joomla, the second most popular, is behind with 3.4% market share.

It doesn't take much to choose the right hosting provider for your website. You need to know a few things, how they work and whether they fit the nature of your business.

Typically there are three types of WordPress hosting services: shared, dedicated, and cloud.

1.Shared hosting (the cheapest)

This plan is the most popular hosting solution on the market today. It's both affordable and easy to maintain.

With shared hosting plans, hosting providers usually host multiple websites on one server. This plan often includes restrictions or limitations on the resources you can access, including storage space, bandwidth, security, and other features.

Shared hosting is the most affordable option for those on a budget and ideal for newbies with limited experience.

Shared hosting providers: Hostinger, GreenGeeks, TMD hosting

2. Dedicated hosting (expensive)

With dedicated hosting, you get a dedicated server to host your website. As the name suggests, you cannot share your server resources with other users.

Dedicated hosting will greatly increase the speed of your website because you do not share server resources with other websites. It's also very secure as you are the only one using the server.

Dedicated hosting is an excellent option when you expect a massive amount of traffic to your website. Shared hosting has a limit on the volume of website traffic it can handle.

The only flaws in this plan are the high cost and technical knowledge required to manage a dedicated server. They either hire IT staff or are tech-savvy enough to maintain a hosting server.

Dedicated hosting providers: InMotion Hosting, Interserver

3. Cloud hosting (flexible cost)

The cloud hosting service is a relatively new technology that combines the functions of shared and dedicated hosting. You can call it a hybrid.

The service distributes the physical load for multiple locations across different computers. This process allows your website to have server resources without the need for dedicated hardware. You may not get dedicated hosting hardware, but you can expand your needs as needed.

If you want to combine the advantages of shared and dedicated hosting, cloud hosting is the solution. However, it has drawbacks like

  • Support can delay resolving problems that arise.
  • You may have security issues to deal with, and
  • Scaling means hosting becomes expensive

Cloud hosting provider: ScalaHosting, Digital Ocean

Cheap WordPress hosting plans to consider

Here are three of the cheapest WordPress hosting providers in 2021. Our selection is based on the prices at registration and subsequent renewal costs.

This selection is not just based on shared hosting. These hosts are suitable if you are looking for inexpensive dedicated and cloud hosting options.

1. Hostinger Managed WP Hosting

Because of the initial cost and subsequent pricing, Hostinger is considered cheaper than other hosting providers.

In addition to the low technical requirements, Hostinger is also perfect for a tight budget. It doesn't get cheaper than $ 1.99 a month.

Hostinger WordPress features

Let's examine what you get.

Enhanced Security

Every website hosted by Hostinger is protected by BitNinja's all-in-one protection plan, which provides protection from all automated attacks and cyberattacks.

1-click WordPress installation

Gone are the days when setting up WordPress proved overcomplicated and time consuming. Now all you have to do is fill out a simple form, fill in your details and install WP with one click. It won't take more than a few minutes.

Developed for the best WordPress performance

Hostinger achieves an unbeatable loading speed through the use of

  • HTTP / 2,
  • PHP7.4.
  • NGINX and
  • Pre-installed caching WP plugins,

Other Hostinger features include daily or weekly backups, free domains and SSL certificates, unlimited FTP accounts, cron jobs and bandwidth, and much more.

Hostinger customer service

Hostinger's WordPress support will help you with all of your questions and concerns. Instant live chat support is available 24/7. Your safety is guaranteed as the service has experts on hand to help troubleshoot problems with your website.

Hostinger pricing

The single WordPress plan costs $ 1.99 per month. This plan extends for $ 3.99 per month after the first payment.

WordPress Starter is $ 2.99 per month and $ 7.99 per month if you renew. Business WordPress starts with an initial price of $ 7.99 while later payments cost $ 11.99.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hostinger

Hostinger advantages:

  • Low and Affordable Prices
  • Efficient and reliable customer service
  • Very reliable for speed and uptime
  • Offers great functions

Hostinger cons:

  • Prices increase after the first term
  • Not a free domain name for users of a single WordPress hosting plan
  • Does not support automatic updates

2. TMDHosting WordPress hosting plans

TMDHosting is different from many other hosting providers: The provider offers two ways to host a WordPress site at an affordable cost: the usual shared plans and the premium managed WordPress plans created for you.

The shared plan starts at $ 2.95 / month while the managed WordPress hosting plan starts at $ 5.95 / month - not expensive at all for a managed plan:

  • Shared hosting plans: It's cheap, relatively safe, easy to navigate, and pretty quick. The platform also offers automatic updates, free domain names (only for the first year), SpamExperts Pro Filter, WooCommerce enabled (upon request) and a free SSL certificate (see common plans here).
  • Fully managed WordPress hosting: It helps when managing your website becomes a chore. TMD's staff will help you manage everything from migrating your websites to scanning for malware to optimizing the performance of your WP website (see managed plans here).

TMDHosting WordPress features

  • Automatic WordPress updates: This feature ensures that your account is kept up-to-date and secure as regularly as possible.
  • Automatic WP installation: TMD will install the most secure and latest version of WordPress for your website as soon as you subscribe to a plan.
  • Automatic WooCommerce installation: This reduces your resources for managing your WordPress WooCoommerce site.
  • Choice of six server locations: This option allows your websites to load faster for your primary audience.

Further functions are: Free domain name for one year, SSL certificate, SSD storage, etc.

Also read our WooCommerce review here.

TMDHosting customer support

TMDHosting offers 24 hour support for WP hosting. They are available for both live chat and toll-free calls (UK and US).

TMDHosting prices

Managed WordPress hosting prices

  • Starter Plan - $ 5.95 per month
  • Business - $ 6.95 per month
  • Business - $ 9.95 per month

WordPress WooCommerce hosting prices

  • Starter Plan - $ 2.95 per month
  • Business - $ 4.95 per month
  • Professional - $ 7.95 per month

Pros and cons of TMD hosting

Benefits of TMDHosting:

  • TMD offers one of the most affordable prices on the market
  • The service supports automatic updates
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Reliable customer support

Disadvantages of TMDHosting:

  • Expensive upsells
  • Increased renewal prices

3. Namecheap WordPress hosting

The service has one of the most affordable prices for both initial and renewal prices. That is why this list was created. Namecheap offers great domains and cheap web hosting at affordable prices.

Namecheap offers shared hosting and managed hosting services that are packed with features.

  • Shared hosting: The offer is supported by Namecheap's hosting guarantee, which includes unmetered broadband, 99.9% availability and a free SSL certificate.
  • Managed hosting: This is the fastest WordPress hosting option. It comes with a secure backup and recovery tool.

While Namecheap's managed WordPress hosting isn't the cheapest option available, users love it. Over 52% of managed WordPress hosting users think it's worth the extra money.

Namecheap WordPress features

  • One hundred percent guarantee: All web hosting services have the highest guarantee and excellent options.
  • Latest server technology: Namecheap uses revolutionary Dell server technology to increase efficiency. The high-speed SAN offers 100% uptime.
  • Website builder: You can build up your online presence quickly and easily.

Other features include free SSL certificates, 24/7 customer support, full website control with cPanel, easy upgrade, daily backups, etc.

Namecheap customer support

Namecheap offers 24/7 customer support via live chat. There is also a large knowledge base for self-study.

Namecheap hosting prices

WordPress hosting prices

  • EasyWP Starter Plan - $ 14.94 per year
  • EasyWP Turbo Plan - $ 34.44 per year
  • EasyWP Supersonic - $ 49.88 per year

Prices are reduced up to 50% when you pay for the first year. The plans extend at $ 29.88, $ 68.88, and $ 98.88 / year, respectively.

Advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap

Benefits of Namecheap:

  • Namecheap offers efficient chat representatives
  • It offers reliable hosting services
  • Friendly user interface and design

Cons of Namecheap:

  • Live support only depends on which plan you subscribe to
  • It does not offer telephone support
  • Setting up SSL certificates is difficult for some users

Criteria for Choosing Affordable WordPress Hosting

Before deciding on a WordPress hosting plan, there are a few things to consider. Reliability, speed, and security are the most important factors to look for when choosing your hosting service.

You also need to consider the requirements, prices, features, hard drive or storage space, and customer support.

Let's take a closer look.

1. WordPress hosting requirements

The WordPress host you choose must meet the following criteria. It should support:

  • PHP version 7.4 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher, alternatively MariaDB version 10.1 or higher
  • HTTPS support

While any server that supports PHP and MySQL is acceptable, WordPress recommends using Apache or Nginx. Always remember to ask your host about these requirements before committing to anything.

2. Affordable prices

While the prices of each hosting provider vary from cheap to expensive, some of them offer discounts or special prices for new subscribers. After that the users renew their hosting services regularly.

Most hosting providers offer pricing options that will apply if you pay for three to five years. Usually, it's the best way to get cheap WordPress hosting as it will lower your hosting costs for the next three or more years.

However, businesses that pay monthly or annually may face the risk of a price increase from their second or third year of subscription.

3. Properties

Most hosting providers offer features similar to:

  • 99.9% website uptime,
  • Hosting dashboard and cPanel,
  • Free SSL Certificates,
  • Domain names and
  • Email accounts

Some of them offer regular backup options while others opt for weekly or monthly backups. Some providers take care of customer support via phone and live chat.

Some hosts offer additional features for a fee. Typically, hosting providers will ask you to pay for additional storage space if needed. They also sell domain name privacy, site backup, site security, as well as other features and add-ons.

4. Hard drive or storage space

Depending on the price or subscription, various hosting services offer 10 GB to over 100 GB of storage space. Some even have unlimited SSD storage space for their users.

5. Customer Support

No matter how well you are with your website, at some point you will need help. In situations like this, you want customer support that can save you quickly.

78.3% of users say that support is the biggest problem for their WordPress sites and should be a priority.

Great hosts provide efficient and responsive customer support. The web hosts we have recommended offer support through multiple channels.


It's no secret, WordPress is the undisputed proponent of content management systems. It is widely used for all types of business, personal, and institutional websites. It supports multiple hosting sites including Hostinger, TMDHosting, and NameCheap.

Hostinger has one of the best prices of the trio and the most efficient customer support. TMDHosting prefers long-term plans and is great for e-commerce, while Namecheap has some of the best and cheapest domains out there.

Depending on your business plans and budget, you can be profitable with any of these three options. Go ahead and make your choice.

frequently asked Questions

What is WordPress hosting?

A WordPress hosting is a web host that has blogs (or websites) created with WordPress.

How is WordPress hosting different from other hosting services?

Technically, "WordPress hosting" is the same as "Shared" or "VPS hosting". Any server that supports PHP 5.2.4 (or higher) and MySQL 5.0 (or higher) can host a WordPress site. Any traditional hosting provider that supports one-click WordPress installation and offers WordPress development tools (like WordPress staging and caching) can be a good host for your WordPress site.

What is managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta and WP Engine?

With managed WordPress hosting, the web host is responsible for the technical maintenance of your WordPress hosting plan. It generally covers all updates for related applications and in some cases may include performance tuning.

To learn more, check out our in-depth discussion on Managed WordPress Hosting Kuyichi Signs Transparency Pledge. .

What's the cheapest WordPress hosting?

Hostinger WordPress hosting costs $ 1.99 per month and offers 30GB of SSD storage. NameCheap costs ~ $ 1.30 per month and offers 10GB of SSD storage. Either of these are cheap and good choices if you are looking for an affordable WordPress host. You can check Hostinger WP hosting plans and pricing at Kuyichi Signs Transparency Pledge. ;; NameCheap Plans and Pricing Kuyichi Signs Transparency Pledge. .

How much does it cost to host a WordPress site?

On average, hosting a WordPress website costs $ 3.62 per month.

The number is determined based on the three WordPress hosting plans recommended in this article. This is in line with the findings from our current hosting market study (based on 1,000 different hosting plans).

Can I host a WordPress site for free?

Yes, you can create and host a WordPress site on WordPress.com. However, be aware that there are a number of restrictions on such free hosting - including a long website URL (e.g.Your website (wordpress.com) and monetization restrictions on your website.

Also note that I do not recommend the WordPress.com platform for hosting plans due to various issues. For example: you need to subscribe to Business Plan ($ 25 / month) or higher to remove WordPress.com branding and install a custom plugin. Basic third-party integration can only be done on the Premium plan (starting at $ 8 / month) or higher.

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