Why is education needed

Democracy needs political education

"The state center for political education has the task of promoting and consolidating the ideas of the free democratic basic order in the consciousness of the population on a non-partisan basis"
(Art. 2 of the Act on the Bavarian State Center for Political Education in the version of October 9, 2018)

The core task formulated here is to be implemented across the country. The primary goal is to make a contribution to the education of tolerance and values, to strengthen democratic competence and to promote political awareness. In particular, this includes encouraging the population to engage in political and voluntary work and to participate in political processes. This is a concern that specifically focuses on the local level as a place of direct democracy and participation. In general, the focus is on people and their respective living conditions. This results in dealing with issues that concern each of us and have an impact on our lives. The range of topics ranges from international relations to integration and migration to the opportunities and challenges of the digital age. In addition, all areas of responsibility of the Bavarian State Center for Political Education have a common goal: to counter extremist attitudes, views and positions through awareness-raising work.

The activities of the state center for political education also include the presentation and processing of essential historical, social and political contexts. The focus is on the political systems in Bavaria, Germany and Europe. From a historical perspective, the history of Bavaria since the 19th century as the nucleus of modern Bavaria and contemporary German history as a prerequisite for our present are examined. In addition, the Bavarian State Office provides political education through didactic development of historical places that significantly shape the political and cultural identity of the state.

In order to fulfill the tasks mentioned, the Bavarian State Center for Political Education provides a wide range of mediation offers and means of communication for various target groups. The offers are aimed at all interested citizens, but also contain special formats for young people and multipliers. This includes numerous events on a wide variety of topics. The focus is currently on the topics of migration, social media and Europe. In addition to individual events, the program also includes year-round offers such as the state government as a place of learning, the project change of perspective or project days on refugees in Europe. On the other hand, the regional headquarters offers a comprehensive program of publications and media with which interested parties can find out about historical and current topics. The magazine "Insights and Perspectives", which appears four times a year, provides in-depth insights into topics of historical-political education and supports the implementation of the corresponding core topics, as does the current handouts and didactic-pedagogical materials that are didactically prepared for use for certain target groups.

In order to fulfill its tasks, the state center for political education cooperates with all institutions and associations that are dedicated to civic education and training.

The Bavarian State Center for Political Education was founded in 1955 as the "Bavarian Center for Home Service". The then Prime Minister Wilhelm Hoegner formulated the first tasks to be the publication of a citizenship primer and a book about Bavaria. In addition to her own projects, she also promoted the activities of other political education providers from the start. In 1957, the state headquarters received a parliamentary advisory board, which was supposed to guarantee the non-partisan nature of its work. This still fulfills its function to this day. In 1964 it was finally renamed the Bavarian State Center for Political Education and since 1995 it has been part of the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, Science and Art. With the law on the Bavarian State Center for Political Education of October 9, 2018, it became a public law institution with partial legal capacity in the division of the State Ministry for Education and Culture.

As a direct institution of the state political education work on behalf of the Bavarian State Government, it does not constitute a foundation or institution of civil society. Against this background, it is also active as an advisory and executive body within the state administration, without prejudice to its party-political neutrality.