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What your fingerprints say about you


Dermatoglyphics examines what fingerprints say about personality

A person's personality can be recognized by their fingerprints. Dermatoglyphics deals with this phenomenon. What do your fingerprints reveal about you?

Dermatoglyphics is a scientific discipline that deals with the study of fingerprints. Why are they unique to each person? How do they differ?

A person's fingerprints are given by nature. They don't change in the course of life - except through injuries and scarring.

In a sub-form of dermatoglyphics, the analyzing dermatoglyphics, research is conducted into the extent to which a person's personality can be recognized through fingerprints.


This research has identified three major distinctions in fingerprints and what they say about personality.

What do your fingerprints say about you?

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1. Your fingerprints form a loop

The loop is the most common fingerprint pattern in Europe. A calm and balanced personality is associated with this pattern.

People with such fingerprints are considered personable and helpful. That is why they are often very popular and make friends quickly. You are hardworking and responsible, but rarely take the initiative.

People with a fingerprint loop are communicative and open-minded. They are mostly in good health, although they could have been sickly as children. People with this pattern are considered reliable, even if they avoid overly tedious work that they don't believe in one hundred percent.

If you have bows on all your fingers, you have a lot of imagination, but there is a risk that you are a daydreamer and sometimes appear naive.

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2. Your fingerprints form arcs

Your fingerprints run in a slight arc from left to right without going the "detour" of a loop. People with this pattern are considered energetic and confident.

You can see their self-confidence in these people in their entire body language - but sometimes this security can border on stubbornness. They stand by their opinion, rarely change it and find it very difficult to admit a mistake.

People with this pattern often have trouble adapting and listening to others. These people prefer to gain their experience through concrete action.

People with arches as fingerprints love music and art. When they feel bad, they have to find something to do. You shouldn't expect too much indulgence from these people, but that can also be good: they are extraordinarily loyal, reliable, and there for their friends.

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3. Your fingerprints run in the vortex

People with vertebrae as fingerprints are impatient but free from envy. They have many talents and carefully analyze their surroundings.

People with these fingerprints often tend to do many things at once and then quickly give them up because they have lost interest in them. These people often have volatile personalities, are unpredictable and keep their true feelings behind the mountain. They are often dissatisfied with themselves and doubt everything and everyone. They look for knowledge in themselves, they read their knowledge for it.

They often come across as phlegmatic, listless. You speak expressionlessly, softly and a little slowly. If they have the vertebrae on their two index fingers, then they are great thinkers. People with these fingerprints are often very interested in research, law, or programming.

People with vertebrae as fingerprints are versatile and complex personalities who often do not even know what they are actually capable of.

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