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Fashion tips: combine dark blue

Who does not know it - we find black clothes in every wardrobe. It is easy to combine, mostly looks cool and stylish, goes with almost everything and is just onefashionable classic! But it doesn't always have to be the non-color black and that's what today's blog post is about! Blue is the new black, I'm pretty sure of that!

Like me theCombine trend color and what advantages this nuance brings us without the look appearing stuffy and conservative, I'll show you today with mine dark blue everyday look.

Dark blue can be combined so well!

Like black, blue is a classic color. When I think of dark blue, terms like royal blue, navy and uniform color immediately come to mind. Blue was already in 2017 one of THE trend colors, here you come again directly to the trend report. But what actually makes dark blue so special?

The color is clearly better for most of us than black, even if you may initially disagree. Just try it out and let yourself be positively surprised, because dark blue works not as hard as black and flatters almost every complexion. Where black makes us look older, a shade of blue gives us a softer appearance.

Also the different onesPossible combinations are to be emphasized. The styling with others Color trends is much easier with the new favorite color, as dark blue, as mentioned before, creates a gentler contrast than black. Summer or winter - dark blue can be worn at any time of the year or day and can be combined in a variety of ways.

This is how I style my dark blue everyday outfit

As I like to mention again and again here on my fashion blog, I am simple not the biggest fan of black. The beautiful dark blue is just right for me. This trend color, which for me is more likely a long-running favorite in the wardrobe is, works noble, chic and, above all, right classy. The versatile styling options are self-explanatory!

Blue is considered the color of kings, but it is also great Style for everyday use. My two Key pieces are a dark blue cashmere sweater and a plaid coat. In addition, I combine cream-colored kick-flare jeans, my beloved cognac-colored boots and a pouch bag - it looks modern, casual and yet classy.

For me, the long coat in particular is an absolute it-piece in the winter wardrobe, and that definitely includes the cozy cashmere sweater. Furthermore, I am currently still looking for nice Marlene trousers that I can wear in the office, but also with sneakers in my free time. What are your dark must-haves?

Get the look

cream colored jeans
dark blue cashmere sweater
dark blue long coat, similar model
cognac brown boots
checkered bag, similar checkered shopper

What can dark blue be combined with?

Is dark blue a stylish classic and can be combined with almost all colors. Those who prefer it classic and how I want to style an everyday look can combine blue withBasic tones like beige, brown, cognac and white. If, on the other hand, you are a little braver and are not afraid of colors, you can also choose bright colors such as red, sunny yellow, dark and grass green or orange.

An acquaintance Fashion rule reads: “Never combine black with dark blue!” Since these two colors are optically very close to each other, the look can sometimes appear restless. Exceptions, however, confirm the rule and so, as always, it depends on the right mix of materials and cuts. Choose a black body, a dark blue blazer and a black handbag with the dark blue Marlene trousers - a no-go can be that quick a clear go become!

The royal class of the royal color is therefore also the Blue all-over look. An outfit completely styled in dark blue is definitely not for everyone, but definitely worth a try. Last year I showed you a casual-chic everyday outfit. With pumps and an elegant trench coat, this look can be changed in no time and you are ready for the next business meeting.

With an all-over look, make sure to play with different materials so that the look doesn't look too flat. Another outfit idea would be that Navy pattern mix. How about, for example, a pair of striped dark blue trousers and a checkered top in navy? (You can find an outfit inspiration for this in this lookbook) Despite the mix of patterns, this look looks classic and suitable for everyday use - styling with that certain something! In this article, you can find out what you should generally pay attention to with a pattern mix look.

With these Styling tips you can now your perfect dark blue look combine. Do you already wear a lot in dark blue or is the good old black dominating you?

The most important facts for the dark blue trend at a glance:

  • Dark blue flatters the complexion and creates a soft appearance.
  • The trend color navy doesn't look as harsh as black and
  • can be combined more easily than the non-color.
  • Dark blue is a newly discovered classic, goes with almost all colors and is perfect for chic office outfits.
  • With basic colors you combine a great everyday outfit, with bright nuances a trendy look that attracts attention.

Must-haves in the trend color dark blue:

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