Who are the most talentless YouTubers

ApoRed: When YouTubers want to rap

ApoRed is a YouTuber who used to make videos about Call of Duty. All well and good, but why do they always have to start rapping? Of course, none of this has anything in common with the German rap scene or even with hip hop culture. LionT's album "Löwenkind" already showed this impressively, under which ...

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  • azzih5 years ago

    The Youtube Spastis are also no more handicapped than many German rappers. If you look at what kind of talentless H-sons are now cavorting in German rap, then the Youtubers even fit in perfectly.

  • KyleButler5 years ago

    The Facebook profile of him is awesome. Does he build his own memes every day? Felt everything read somewhere on 9Gag ..

  • User-38454 5 years ago

    This comment was removed by the author 5 years ago.

  • User-38454 5 years ago

    Dude what a colossal son of a bitch. The Facebook page tops everything ..

    EDIT: I hadn't heard the track then. Fucking son of a bitch.

  • User-27241 5 years ago

    weak track, tired beat, halting, pressureless rap and a laughable hook

  • Dudebro5 years ago

    Absolute subhuman shit for people I wouldn't touch with a pair of pincers.

  • User-474995 years ago

    These YouTubers are all so victims, unbelievable.

    But better than when the kiddies all mobb each other to death- oh, wait ...

  • MeTOOLica5 years ago

    I really need such red sneakers

  • Vurst 5 years ago

    Listen to tactless for a few hours after the shit.

  • frankhorny5 years ago

    His garbage is ranked 25th in the most disliked videos worldwide. Well, that happens when you can only steal beats and then rap like you're about to fall asleep.