How much do yacht captains earn

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# 570568 - 11/20/0902:15 PMRe: By ship from Europe to Canada [Re: corse]
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My brother did that once, on a feeder that shuttles back and forth in the North Sea area.
Working like a "hand against bunk" will probably not exist there. There are some takeaway options, as many shipping companies earn extra income like this. Just take a look at what she can find here. There are now a few agencies that specialize in this.
But you have to be flexible! When it comes to boat trips, this usually happens by itself, it is in the nature of things.
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Off-topic # 570896 - 11/22/09 12:29 PMRe: By ship from Europe to Canada [Re: ChrisTine]
Peter Smolka's crossing - from Africa to South America - was not entirely problem-free either.
If I remember correctly, I was also happy to get off the boat.
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# 571341 - 11/24/09 11:05 AMRe: By ship from Europe to Canada [Re: Velomade]
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Thanks Bernd for the link, very helpful

I found a connection from Genoa to Toronto for a total of just over 1000 euros (crossing + insurance), that's okay.

Thanks also to all other contributions

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