Free ebooks net is a scam

Free: eBooks and audio books (not only) for the Christmas season

Smartphones, tablet PCs or eBook readers such as the Kindle (picture) ensure mobile reading fun.

eBook readers are a fine thing: Several hundred works easily fit on the hard drives of the devices. So you can easily put whole bookshelves in your pocket. The same applies to audio books: the days when you had to carry CD players and lots of silver discs with you are a thing of the past since the MP3 player was established. Today, tens of hours of listening pleasure fit easily on any media player - and current eBook readers such as the “Fire” models from Amazon can also be used as MP3 players.

»Free days: Amazon is giving away valuable eBooks

eBooks and audio books usually appear at the same time as the printed editions - and of course they cost money. The situation is different for works whose copyrights have expired (such as classics of world literature) or which are made available for free use by the authors from the outset. COMPUTER BILD has compiled free sources for you in the following photo series.

Free on the Internet: There are eBooks and radio plays here

eBook software for PC, iOS and Android
Most e-books are available in “PDF” or “ePub” format. On the PC you can call up the former with the "Adobe Reader", for example. If the tool is too powerful for you, you can use lean alternatives such as the "Foxit Reader" instead. Free programs such as “yBook” or “Caliber” are recommended for displaying ePub documents. You can also use this software to create e-books from text files.

»Download: Adobe Reader
»Download: Foxit Reader
»Download: yBook
»Download: Caliber
If you want to read digital books with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can use the “iBooks” app. It not only shows ePub and PDF files, but also offers direct access to Apple's iBooks Store, where hundreds of e-books (albeit for a fee) are available for download. Alternative: “Stanza”, a great free app that is not only used to read electronic books, but also has access to large free libraries such as the “Project Gutenberg”. Simply start Stanza, select the e-book, download - done.

»Download: iBooks
»Download: Stanza

E-book display programs are also available for “Android” -based smartphones and tablet PCs. The best way to access PDF books is with “Adobe Reader for Android”; the free “FBReader” is available for works in other formats (including ePub).

»Download: Adobe Reader for Android
»Download: FBReader

eBook reader put to the test

Hardware alternative: eBook reader
In addition to PC, smartphone and tablet PC, there are special eBook readers. These are handy mobile devices, mostly equipped with an energy-saving black and white display and direct access to an e-book shop. With most models, you can download free books to the reader via the USB interface. You can find an overview of current devices at COMPUTER BILD.