What do you like about sports?

Translation of "Do you like sport" in English

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1If you like sports, you may be playing games with your friends in the back garden.
If you like sports, this is the perfect project for you!
Highlighted activities Filter the activities: Type of activities Family Sports Health and Beauty Cultural Travel Couple Birthday Beaches View List View Map Pitch and Putt: Green Fee 18 holes (Monday to Friday)Sport you like Pitch and putt?
Highlighted activities Filter our activities: Activities by category Family Sports Health and beauty Cultural tours Couple Birthday Beaches List view Map view Pitch and Putt: 18 hole green fee (Monday to Friday)Sport Do you like playing pitch and putt?
What ever you the exciting Like sport, real adventure or impressive of wonder nature and activities.
Whatever you like the exciting Sports, real adventure or impressive of the miracle nature and activities.
Son, you just got into so much trouble so don't lie to me about that you suddenly Like sport.
Son, considering how much trouble you're in, don't lie to me about suddenly liking sports, okay?
Description: If you like, Sports and Sports Games like me might have been playing then you've already just watched the soccer games this years World Cup! This year it s in South Africa there are soccer teams from all over the world coming to compete!
Description: If you like playing sports other sports games like I do then maybe you ve already been watching the football games in this years world cup! This year it s in South Africa and there are football teams from all over the world coming to compete!
Are you good at Sports? For example, you are a good swimmer do you like Skiing, horse riding, running, hiking etc.
Are you good at any Sports? For example are you a strong swimmer, do you like skiing, horse riding, running hiking etc.
Cell phones do you like apparently not either.
Probably do you like not even me.
Sports Games Play Golf in Hawaii 41% Rating Play Golf in Hawaii Do you like Golf?
What TV program do you like prefer?
For example, do you like English?
Then do you like probably this.
Hopefully do you like no more him than me.
Is that enough or do you like more?
Is that enough for you or you want some more?
Here in England do you like Appeasement, but neither do I.
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