How much money do you need in Thailand

Cost of Living in Thailand

Here you will find the answers to the questions about the cost of living in Thailand, which I often get, such as:

  • How high are they Cost of Living in Thailand?
  • How expensive is life in Thailand?
  • How much money do you need in Thailand (to survive)?

The authorities in Thailand assume that a foreigner needs at least 65,000 baht (approx. 1,500 euros) a month to survive.

Because only people who can prove such an amount as monthly income (pension) or who have an equivalent amount (800,000 Baht) in a Thai account receive the popular annual visa.

Those who do not have that, apart from the fact that they already have less anyway, also have to deal with constant departures (border crossings) every 90 days or so.

Rule of thumb about the cost of living

Nevertheless it works of course. There are even a lot of people who do more or less well with much less money a month. So I would like a species here Rule of thumb list how much money you can get by with in Thailand:

  • With approximately. 600 - 800 euros / month you can make ends meet if you find a cheap apartment for around 100 to 150 euros / month and do not go too far in the nightlife in the evening. Because especially beer and other alcoholic beverages are very expensive in Thailand.
  • With approximately. 1000 to 1200 euros you are already well protected in Thailand and you can also do a little bit of work ...
  • But I also know bon vivants who even use amounts less than 600 euros per month survive but I claim that this should only be possible away from the tourist centers in the deepest province, where you can rent simple residential units for 1500 Baht or less.
  • Basically you shouldn't be completely penniless when you come to Thailand, because the cheap accommodations are always unfurnished and there should at least be enough for the essentials (bed, refrigerator, stove, dishes, TV, stereo, telephone etc.), even if these things are not that expensive.

You shouldn't forget to always have the money available for the necessary trips, new visas and, in any case, the home flight ticket or the return hike.

The typical monthly costs in Thailand are approximately: (Exchange rate: 1, - € = 38, - Baht)

Update 2021

Rent starting from:
Eat, 2 people, own kitchen approx.
Electricity without aircon
Electricity with aircon
Water: (more expensive with washing machine)
Garbage: (is free in some regions)
Basic telephone charge (landline)
Internet (e.g. 3BB 1 Gbps fiber optic)
Cable TV or satellite TV
Total deluxe approx:

There are also other costs, for example for oneForeign health insurance. These are limited for up to 1 or up to 5 years, for example with Hanse Merkur from approx. 59 euros / month (for the 5-year tariff).

Withdraw money for free

Also at this point again the reference to the free online Current account at the DKB With VISA cardwith which you worldwide (also in Thailand) at almost all ATMs, completely free and free of charge * Withdraw cash and leave your money in a secure account in Germany. Everyone should have this account!

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Withdrawal fees in Thailand:

* Thailand has been charging additional fees of currently 220 baht per withdrawal on foreign money and credit cards for a number of years. In the past, the DKB reimbursed these additional fees on request, but not since 01.06.2016. For this you can now (as a so-called "active customer") pay with the VISA card in Thailand and get the usual foreign surcharge reimbursed.