Should I buy a Louis Vuitton replica

Be careful when shopping for plagiarism: You have to pay attention to this so that the shopping fun does not end expensive

June 12, 2016 - 4:49 pm

The place of purchase makes the difference

Branded goods are quite expensive and often not even better in quality than no-name products. So if you don't want to spend huge amounts on branded products, you can dress up with cheap plagiarism on vacation or on the Internet. But be careful: buying plagiarism can not only be expensive, it can also be punishable by law. And even the manufacturers of the branded products can hold you accountable with costly warnings. Lawyer Christian Solmecke explains what to look out for when buying counterfeit goods in order not to fall into the cost trap.

Can you bring counterfeit items from vacation?

"Yes, I can bring counterfeit products with me from vacation as long as the value of the goods does not exceed 430 euros. Mind you, this is the value of the goods when you buy them. If you buy a counterfeit bag for five euros in Turkey, for example The value of the goods in Germany is based on this, although a real 'Louis Vuitton' bag would cost much more in Germany. In case of doubt, however, I have to be able to prove the purchase value from my vacation and that often causes problems. If you buy a bag at a market, for example , you don't get a receipt. The customs officers can, however, estimate and already know roughly how much a plagiarism costs in the holiday country. "

Apart from the financial limit, what happens if I buy a plagiarism? Are the companies not fighting back?

"Of course the companies do not want that. But that I am not allowed to buy this at all is a widespread mistake. It is important that I only import the goods into the Federal Republic of Germany for private purposes. So if I am ten for a fake 'Louis Vuitton 'bags get caught, then it gets expensive. Then the value in dispute of' Louis Vuitton 'is set directly at a quarter of a million euros and I have warning costs of six to seven thousand euros. That only happens if I am accused of acting commercially with the goods. Nobody can pull a rope for private use. "

What is the legal situation if you have bought plagiarism online without knowing it? How should I best behave in this case?

"There are no such exemption limits online. The exemption limits are generally only there because the state assumes that you do not go on vacation that often. However, you can order online every day, so there is no tolerance there. When the goods are purchased, the goods are immediately intercepted at customs if the value of the goods is over 45 euros, sometimes even below. Then the goods are often even destroyed. Ultimately, someone ordered SD cards for their computer and was then immediately hit with an expensive trademark infringement. And then you can't talk yourself out of it. The courts say: Anyone who orders products in China has roughly in mind that they couldn't be the original products. "

There is even a whole fake portal on the Internet, 'Ali-Express'. Can it get dangerous there too?

"On this portal there is not only counterfeit, but a large part of it is actually plagiarism. And exactly what I have just explained applies there. This is an online purchase and I have to be careful about that. The trademark holder, be." bags or sneakers, take great care not to have anything sent to you that is plagiarism. Otherwise there are expensive warnings and I must have 200 to 300 clients who have been caught because they are the dangers of the Didn't know about buying online and got caught by customs. Customs really look inside every package. "

NOTE: You are not allowed to buy any plagiarism online, otherwise you will punish the trademark holder with expensive warnings after customs control. In order to prevent you from accidentally falling into the cost trap, you should always order branded products on the Internet in well-known online shops or on the original brands' pages and pay attention to the country of origin. Then you can be sure that you have not bought any plagiarism. While on vacation, you can safely buy a cheaper bag, as long as you only use it for private use and the price for your souvenirs on vacation does not exceed 430 euros.

You can see the complete interview with all the important tips from Solmecke in the video!