What money is worth the most

In these countries you get the most for the euro

Where is the euro particularly valuable this year? A travel company compared 177 countries outside the euro zone. An overview.

Walk barefoot over the warm sand, breathe in the salty and cleansing scent of the sea, feel the sun's rays on the tip of your nose. The lower the temperatures, the greater the longing for the south. And the winter has not yet shown itself from its coldest side. If you want to get ahead of him and pack your bags, you could opt for one of the "exchange rate bargains" that the travel agent "Travelcircus" has determined.

Gained 25.52 percent in value

The analysis analyzed the exchange rate development of 177 countries outside the euro zone. A comparison that "Travelcircus" is making for the fifth time.

The result: In an international comparison, the euro is holding up well. Its value has increased by 25.52 percent compared to other countries since 2016. For comparison: from 2016 to 2017 it was only 4.45 percent. In the following countries, vacationers can look forward to a particularly good exchange rate.

country1 euro in the respective currency (2020)1 euro in the respective currency (2019)
Angola540.30 Kz352.61 Kz
Zambia15.83K13.64 K
Chile859,30 $793,34 $
Uruguay$ 41.66 U$ 37.04 U
Ghana6.38 cedi5.60 cedi
Mauritius40.79 MR38.95 MR
Guinea-Bissau658.17 F655.96 F

Front runner Angola

The best exchange rates in 2020 are in Africa and South America. Angola tops the list. This year, not only beautiful sandy beaches and wilderness safaris could attract vacationers, but also the current exchange rate. In 2016, tourists still got 143.29 kwanza for one euro, now they can look forward to 540.30 kwanza per euro.

Angola is followed by Zambia, where one euro is worth 15.83 Zambian kwacha today. From 2019 to 2020, the euro gained 16.06 percent in value. Taking into account the inflation rate of 9.9 percent, this results in an appreciation of the euro by 6.16 percent.

In third place is Chile, where the euro has gained 16.45 percent in value relative to the Chilean peso in recent years. Another South American country follows: Uruguay. According to calculations, bargain hunters also get their money's worth in Ghana, Mauritius and Guinea-Bissau.

Mountain of debt and collapse in prices

There is often an understandable reason why the respective foreign currency loses value compared to the euro. Angola, for example, lived for a long time on its oil reserves, which brought a lot of money into the country. The collapse in oil prices left the country with a financial problem. The Zambian kwacha is depreciating as the country faces billions of dollars in national debt. In Ghana, too, the state's income is insufficient to cover expenses.

The economic situation in a country does not have to detract from the desire to travel. But it is often the political one: In addition to the beach and holiday idyll, the current situation in the destination country should be taken into account and travel and safety information should be included in the planning. In Chile, for example, at the end of last year, after weeks of protests and violent riots, people spoke of the worst crisis since the return to democracy in 1990, to name just one example.

This is what the ranking looked like in 2019.

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