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Have you ever heard that you should only eat your food while sitting at a table, then you would not get fat? Think about how often you eat something on the go. Does your day start with eating breakfast at work while reading your first emails? Time-saving, so to speak. Or are you traveling by car and using the time there, so to speak, to take a few bites of your meal? More or less on semi-automatic. A snack in between, quickly on the subway before you have to go to the next appointment. And in the evening the chips and sweets call for attention when you want to end the day in front of the TV?

So what could you discover for yourself if you just eat sitting at a table?

Train conscious eating

If you have ever dealt with nutrition / losing weight, you have probably also found the food diary. The point is to write down for a while what and how much you ate and who was there. This is a great way to create awareness of how often you reach for food each day. If you want it to be even easier, you can try something different starting today.


Just write down whether you ate “at the table” or “somewhere else”. An ordinary one is sufficient for this Dash list.

This will quickly give you an awareness of how often you eat something on the go. Maybe just out of habit and not at all because you were hungry? And be nice to yourself - just watch yourself without judging.

Think of it as an experiment and see what it does to you. What does it change in your behavior? What do you become aware of through this?

Holy prayers and why they make sense

"Prayers at dinner" are a conscious sign before eating. A "thank you" for the meal, or a kind of blessing. You can hold it however you want. There are also more and more people who are holding their hands over the food and sending energy. A loving “meal” or “bon appetite” can also be a conscious sign before eating.

No matter which of these signs is right for you, it brings awareness into your thoughts and your body that it is now about food.

You may say “meal” or “enjoy your meal” when others are at the table. Do you also say it to yourself when you are alone?


Take a sign that is coherent for you, such as “Thank you”, “Meal”, “Bon appetit”, or a grace period that you are familiar with. Before every meal, whether it's a little something in between, a full meal or just a bite that you taste at someone else's, at least set your mark in your mind. Do this when you are sitting at a table with others or when you are at home alone.

Start today and just give yourself 2 weeks to do this experiment and see what it changes for you.

Use it to create awareness of your food and your eating habits. Because once you are aware of it, you can begin to change it too.

What are you going to do?

Which of the two exercises are you going to try? Or will you combine both exercises? Let me know and share your experience with me in the comments!


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