What is the future of content marketing

Is content marketing the future of advertising?

“Content is King” has been the motto for some time, especially among online advertising agencies. But what is this content all about and is it again just a trend or hype topic that will be replaced by the next hype after a few years?


What is content marketing?

"Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a well-defined audience - and ultimately drive profitable customer action."
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It should be emphasized that it is not just about content of any kind, but, like all elements of strategic marketing, about relevant content for a clearly defined target group. Simply postulating advertising messages has little to do with content marketing. The main difference lies in informing or entertaining the target group beyond pure product or offer communication.

Why is content marketing so important?

The growing importance of content has mainly to do with Google's algorithm. Since the Panda Update 2011 at the latest, the relevance of the page content has overshadowed many other ranking factors. Since then, website operators have been well advised to place emphasis on relevant content.

But other factors also play a role. The changed media behavior in our society and the dwindling range of classic media mean that people actively search for content themselves and provide information themselves. And that brings us back to the number one information medium and the number one search engine.

The future of content marketing

In a current study by Quadriga University Berlin (https://www.quadriga-hochschule.com) over 1,000 marketing managers from the DACH region were asked about the future of marketing. 93 percent of respondents said that content marketing is an important part of marketing and only 3 percent see it as hype. Especially in the phase of attracting attention and interest, content marketing plays an essential role.


It is well known that predictions are difficult, especially when they concern the future. The core idea of ​​content marketing, to inform and entertain your target group, is neither new nor will it soon be over. Only today there are other channels available in online marketing to sustainably meet this requirement. Companies that create relevant content for their target group can measurably build better reach and interaction and thus lay the foundation for successful customer communication. More at https://www.brandcom.de/leistungen/online-marketing/content-strategy/