What makes a person homosexual


It is different when someone notices whether he or she is homosexual. Some feel very early that they are lesbian or gay. Others only come across it in the course of their lives. Coming out is the process in which one becomes aware of one's homosexuality (inner coming out) and subsequently also publicly acknowledges it (coming out to the outside world). For some, this can be a very arduous and sometimes painful path.

Inner coming out

The first important step is coming out internally. For some, it takes a long time to accept one's sexual orientation as part of one's personality. This process of self-discovery takes different lengths of time for each person. Sometimes it also happens that homosexuals get involved in a marriage or a heterosexual relationship in order not to fall out of the social framework.

The so-called internal coming-out is followed by the external coming-out.

Coming out to the outside

As soon as the inner coming-out is over, the desire often grows to be able to live freely with the new identity in public. In this phase, many homosexuals turn to like-minded people or people they trust. The coming-out process usually starts very early, but can take years - for some, a lifetime.

NoteComing out is not to be confused with coming out. Outing means that the sexual orientation of another person - against their will - is made public.