Will a push-up add to my weight?


Deep pushups

Since all push-ups should be performed as deeply as possible, you should actually start from here "Extra deep" Speak: Find two books of the same thickness, two small boxes of the same height, three chairs of the same height - two for the hands, one for the feet - or something similar that can support your weight.

Place your two objects a little more than shoulder width apart and use them as a base for your hands during the push-ups. So you can lower your torso extra deep. The extends the range of motion one more time and makes sure that you get out of yourself push out from a strong stretch of the chest and shoulder must - sore muscles guaranteed!

Push-ups with lowered shoulder and with ball

Do a push-up that involves lowering one shoulder to the floor while keeping the other as high as possible. This variant demands the stabilizing abdominal muscles by turning the torso. She is also well suited to new stimuli for the arm and shoulder muscles to put.

The same principle works with the Push-ups with a ball: Place one hand on a solid ball. Walk your shoulder on this side down to the ball and the other down to the floor.

Another variation with the ball: Start as just described with one hand on the ball and the other next to it. Then push yourself up so that you can also place your second hand on the ball. Leave it there and now place the other hand next to the ball. Do a push up and repeat the hand change.

You can also change hands by rolling the ball over to the other side after pushing up while staying in support. Tight push-ups can also be performed great on a ball.