An embassy recruits skilled foreign workers

Work visa Germany: what do I need to know if I want to work in Germany?

Next highly qualified professionals have, too Third country nationals with a academic degree or a non-academic Professional qualificationto apply for a work visa for Germany.

Does that apply to you?

Then you should meet the following requirements for a work visa:

  • You have a specific job offer
  • Your qualification is equivalent to a German educational qualification
  • Your qualification is recognized in Germany
  • You may have one Professional license

For employees over 45 years of age who are working in Germany for the first time, the following also applies:

  • The Minimum annual salary in Germany must be € 45,540 gross
  • Alternatively, a Retirement benefits be detected

Work visa Germany: Requirements for academics and skilled workers

Academics with a recognized university degree have had easier access to the labor market since August 1, 2012 via the blue card EU (Residence permit). A Priority check the Federal Employment Agency is not required in this case. Only the fair working conditions (salary, working hours, vacation entitlement, etc.) will continue to be checked by the Federal Employment Agency.Assuming the following points apply:

  • a concrete job offer is available
  • the minimum gross annual salary is € 55,200

The following applies to occupations with bottlenecks, e.g. specialists from the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology as well as doctors:

  • they earn as much as comparable domestic workers
  • the annual minimum gross salary is € 43,056

The employment of skilled workers with non-academic training is no longer open since March 1, 2020 Bottleneck occupations limited. With vocational training recognized in Germany, these skilled workers can practice all professions in Germany for which their qualification enables them - without a previous one Priority check by the Federal Employment Agency.

What is the EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card is a document proving the legal residence of third-country nationals for the purpose of gainful employment. It gives foreigners with an academic or equivalent qualification level the opportunity to take up non-self-employed employment in Germany and makes it easier for you to access the German labor market. The EU Blue Card is a temporary residence permit, who in the case of open-ended employment contracts for a maximum of four years is issued. If the duration of the employment relationship is less than four years, the EU Blue Card will be issued for the duration of the employment relationship plus three months.

What is a priority check?

The Federal Employment Agency is legally obliged to carry out a labor market test if foreigners from third countries want to take up employment on the German labor market. In this context, a so-called "priority check" takes place. It is checked whether there are preferential applicants for the position available for employment on the labor market. Priority is given to Germans, EU citizens or persons who have a settlement or residence permit.