What is Bitnami WordPress

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Bitnami Wordpress

Software type:
Open source
System (s):
Linux Debian, Linux Suse
File size:
222.65 MB

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The Wordpress installation is uncomplicated thanks to the preconfigured Bitnami Wordpress Appliance. Thanks to its widespread use, there is a particularly active community that provides extensions.

Wordpress is software for managing the content of a website (text and images). It is particularly suitable for creating and maintaining a blog, as it allows you to assign each post to one or more freely definable categories and automatically generates the corresponding navigation elements. At the same time, it also allows uncategorized individual pages. The system also offers reader comments with the option of checking them before publication, as well as central link management, management of user roles and rights and the option of external plug-ins, with which Wordpress can be expanded towards a CMS. Wordpress is based on the PHP scripting language and requires a MySQL database. According to the developers, the system attaches particular importance to web standards, user friendliness and easy adaptability.

Log in to the system with the user name "user" and the password "bitnami". For more information on Bitnami Wordpress, take a look at our guide: Wordpress: How to load the CMS as a virtual PC

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