What's the best vegan cookie recipe

Crunchy Advent: 12 vegan Christmas cookies

Vanilla crescents

First one, then two, then three, then four ... and the Christ Child is still not at the door! These vegan vanilla crescents taste so delicious that it is best to get more supplies straight away. To the recipe

Cinnamon stars

Vegan cookies without cinnamon stars? Unthinkable! The classic pastry is given a new touch and is not only vegan, but also gluten-free. To the recipe


These crispy Christmas classics simply belong in every cookie jar! With a dollop of jam, the vegan rascals not only look wonderful, they also taste aromatic and sweet. To the recipe

Coconut macaroons - vegan & gluten-free

They have to be juicy, soft and chocolaty, perfect vegan cookies. That's why you can treat yourself to a few more of these coconut macaroons, because they have all-round healthy ingredients in their luggage. To the recipe

chocolate chip cookies

Hazelnuts, oat flour and oat flakes make these cookies a very special crunchy experience. What shouldn't be missing? A good portion of dark chocolate, of course. To the recipe

Fig and walnut biscuits

Where can you find the ingredients for these vegan treats? They come from outside in the forest ... But don't worry: you can also get the sweet figs and the crunchy walnuts in the supermarket. After all, in this "forest" it should be so bitterly cold ... To the recipe

Bake yourself happy!

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Raspberry Nut Bars

Finally a little color in the dark season. The pink powerhouses not only look good, they are also full of power. With raspberries, coconut, almonds, cashews and peanut butter, the 2 layers provide you with enough energy for the pre-Christmas shopping marathon. To the recipe

Low carb brownie bite

Well, once again nibbled on too much gingerbread, but you really want to fit New Year's Eve into that tight dress or suit trousers? To starve? It's out of the question! Instead, you can simply nibble yourself with these super soft brownie balls. With walnuts and dates, they are the perfect low-calorie delicacy with tea or coffee. To the recipe

Double decker cookies with chia jam

All of the good ingredients like almond flour, raspberries, coconut oil and chia seeds are turned into a tart rather than a cookie. The base is crispy to fall in love with, the raspberry jam is good to kneel down and the icing is delicious to creak. To the recipe

Nut wedges

Quickly swap butter for margarine and eggs for soy flour, and you've turned the classic into vegan cookies. Will the traditional pastry taste different then? Not at all. The nut wedges are and will remain absolutely delicious even without animal ingredients. Bet that even your grandma won't notice? To the recipe

Cinnamon balls

Snacking allowed! When the scent of cinnamon and nuts rises in your nose at every corner, you know: Christmas is not far away. But that doesn't mean you have to go overboard right away. The cinnamon delicacies sweeten the Advent season with dates and pecans and without a guilty conscience. To the recipe

Spice biscuits with quinoa

All cookie monsters really get their money's worth here. With cinnamon, cloves and a generous dose of ginger, these cookies get you in the mood for the upcoming festival. They do not need gluten or animal ingredients for this. Only love - it doesn't taste good without it. To the recipe