How did 2 bits turn into 25 cents?

Translation of "25 Cent" in English

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We have congratulatory telegrams for 25 cents.
We've got regular form telegrams for's 25 cents.
They were about 25 cents cheaper per pound.
They were about 25 cents a pound cheaper.
The difference is that back then there was a serving of fries 25 cents has cost.
The only difference now is that back then a side of fries cost a quarter.
However, he could be my finger for a finger 25 cents see.
I told him he could see my finger for a quarter though.
I have that for 25 cents got.
Got this one right here for 25 cents.
The margins have different buy-in amounts, such as 10 cents and 25 cents Buy-ins for progressive bingo games.
The game rooms have different buy in amounts, such as 10 cents and 25 cents buy-ins for progressive bingo games.
Showers 50 cents and washing up 25 cents.
50 Cent showers and washing up 25 cents.
Rent for my pajamas, 25 centsSir.
Sold to the lady for 25 cents.
So you dare. 25 cents.
$ 281 and 25 cents Pension per month.
281 dollars and 25 cents a month, pension.
Costs $ 1 each, or 2 for 25 cents.
It's $ 1 a cake, or two cakes for 25 cents.
That makes 25 cents per word.
As in the past two years, the dividend proposal to the Annual General Meeting is attached 25 cents per share.
The dividend to be proposed at the annual general meeting is 25 cents per share, as in the previous two years.
Dairies in Belgium have already announced, only from January 25 cents to pay.
Dairies in Belgium, for instance, have already announced they will be paying only 25 cents from January.
Four letters to Germany with the correct postage from 25 cents wear.
Four letters to Germany, that carry the correct rate of 25 cents.
Below one of the magnets on the minimum distance without the currency is attracted 25 cents.
Below one of the magnets on the minimum distance without being attracted to the currency of 25 cents.
Come back in a minute 25 cents.
In a moment I'll be able to pay another 25 cents.
Please throw a dollar and 25 cents a.
Deposit one dollar and 25 centsplease.
I have times for 25 cents Angelo Costello's booger eaten.
I once ate Angelo Costello's boogers for 25 cents.
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