What is gold and diamond jewelry

Diamonds - stones for eternity

No other gemstone exerts such a fascination as a shining diamond. Diamond jewelry, just like the precious stones themselves, stands for strength and immortality. A woman wearing diamond jewelry shows taste and exclusivity and is constantly reminded of how unique she is by the sparkling stones. No wonder diamond jewelry is so popular. The presents real diamond jewelery in many designs Jewelry Krone online shop, from the subtle Diamond earrings about timeless Diamond rings to the spectacular Diamond necklace. Whenever you want to treat yourself to something or buy diamond jewelery online as an exclusive gift for someone special, you will find an exquisite range of selected jewelery pieces with diamonds for every occasion and every type.

Diamond pendants and necklaces: A diamond necklace for a grand entrance or a pendantthat accompanies you every day and makes your beauty shine - there are hardly any more classic pieces of jewelry. It doesn't always have to be a large solitaire. Modern diamond jewelery relies on a refined cut and combines, for example, pearls with diamonds for a contemporary aesthetic. Your advantage when you order diamond jewelry online: Too many pendants and Necklaces you will find suitable bracelet, Rings or earrings.

Diamond rings: As a wonderful gift and a strong symbol of love, a diamond ring accompanies a woman through all the ups and downs of her life. The diamond jewelery has to match the personality of the recipient perfectly. Whatever you are looking for, whether one Eternity ring for an anniversary, as a reminder of special moments of togetherness, or a timeless one Solitaire ring For engagement: In our exquisite range you will find diamond rings in a wide variety of styles and you can buy the most beautiful diamond jewelry online.

Diamond earrings and bangles: It's the small details that make a harmonious look. A sparkling one Diamond bracelet or brilliantly glittering Hoop earrings round off your appearance in style, whether in a private setting, at business meetings or evening parties. As a noble gift, diamond jewelry for the ear is like Earrings, Stud earrings or Clip-on earrings, always a good idea.

Sparkling diamonds and the finest precious metal in perfect harmony

Jewelery designers rightly only use the most valuable precious metals for diamond jewelery in order to bring out the precious stones to their best advantage. Gold and platinum harmonize perfectly with diamonds and are available in many beautiful shades of color. This makes it easy to create diamond jewelry that is suitable for every taste and skin type. Whatever you choose, one Bangle Made of cool platinum or white gold, one Diamond pendant made of warm yellow gold or red gold or a fancy diamond ring in gold bicolor or gold tricolor, one thing is certain: the combination of fine metal and brilliant diamonds always results in an aesthetic piece of jewelry that underlines your personality. In addition, there is the health benefit of the precious materials: platinum and gold are not only beautiful to look at, the high-quality diamond jewelry is also very well tolerated by the most delicate and sensitive skin.

First quality diamond jewelry at your Schmuck Krone online shop

We orient ourselves to the highest quality standards, because we know: Buy jewelry on the internet is a matter of trust. We earn your trust by only including high quality pieces in our jewelry range and describing them honestly and precisely. The diamond jewelery in our program is made exclusively from high-quality gold and platinum alloys with a high fineness, some pieces from 585 gold, but most from 750 gold. Of course, the fine gold content is shown on all pieces of jewelry by the official gold stamp. The same standards of quality and transparency also apply to our gemstones: In each individual product description you will find precise weight information in carats and detailed information on the color, purity and cut of the diamonds. Our product photos show the diamond jewelery in detail, and if you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to help you by phone or email. With us you can safely order diamond jewelry online and look forward to the jewelry in a relaxed manner