Intellectual property is a natural right

Intellectual property and competition law
Edited by Peter Heermann, Diethelm Klippel, Ansgar Ohly and Olaf Sosnitza
The series of publications Intellectual property and competition law(GEuWR) was established in 2005. In the information age, intellectual property, in particular patent, copyright and trademark rights, has gained significantly in importance. At the same time, legal practice is confronted with numerous new questions. Jurisprudence could hardly keep pace with this stormy development. The literature is still dominated by mainly practice-oriented presentations, in which basic scientific questions are often neglected. After general civil law initially only viewed property law as a natural field of activity, it is increasingly focusing on the importance of intellectual property law. The series therefore pays special attention to writings that address fundamental questions of intellectual property law, including historical, philosophical and economic references, and thus contribute to the development of a "general part of intellectual property" that has not yet existed. Since European legal approximation in intellectual property and competition law is particularly advanced and numerous international agreements shape these areas of law, the international references are also taken into account in the series.

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Dr. Julia Caroline Scherpe-Blessing, LL.M. (Cantab)
Program management private law, criminal law, procedural law
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