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Alexandra, 22

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Currently: dual student to HR manager, assistant as a receptionist and recruiter in the company, assistant as assistant in a fashion boutique, varied activities at Instaff (especially promotion, service and kelnnerin) during school days: organizer of the stage parties (selection of the event location, direct cooperation with Organizers, creating and maintaining the event homepage, checking the guest list, clearing up, accounting), checkout and warehouse experience at Edeka (checkout service, goods acceptance), saleswoman at Takko Fashion (customer service, acceptance of goods, inventory control, cashier service, goods labeling, clean-up work), service in Bavarian restaurants (serving, food distribution, inventory control, ordering goods, kitchen help, tidying up)

Chest: 85, waist: 65, hips: 95, shoe size: 40
German - native speaker (without accent)
English - fluent spoken and written (B1 / B2)
Customer ratings from InStaff operations
(5 stars on October 29, 2020 for the job as a temporary worker)
transfer GmbH, market research and mystery shopping
"Everything went great again, gladly again!"
(5 stars on February 24th, 2020 for the job as a model)
(5 stars on December 10, 2019 for the job as a service staff)
transfer GmbH, market research and mystery shopping
“Great job, thank you very much for the support. Gladly again!"
(5 stars on November 25, 2019 for the job as a promoter)
"Alexandra gave 100% dedication to the job, we were happy to have her on our team! We recommend her fully. "
(5 stars on October 28, 2019 for the job as a salesperson)
(5 stars on October 21, 2019 for the job as a promoter)
Arena Cocktail Catering GmbH
(5 stars on 08/27/2019 for the job as a salesperson)
(5 stars on 08/22/2019 for the job as a service staff)
“Great job. Very sympathetic and friendly demeanor. With pleasure and again at any time. "
(5 stars on 07/17/2019 for the job as a service staff)
FIT STAR Holding GmbH and Co KG
(5 stars on May 24th, 2019 for the job as a promoter)
FIT STAR Holding GmbH and Co KG
“Alexandra approached our customers in a friendly and confident manner. Thank you for your great commitment! "
(5 stars on May 16, 2019 for the job as a promoter)
Schlesinger Group Germany GmbH
(5 stars on May 16, 2019 for the job as a promoter)
“Very friendly and professional. Again any time!"
(5 stars on April 1st, 2019 for the job as a trade fair host / ess)
Successfully carried out assignments via InStaff
Hamburg: German Voice Recording Gig

I used the app to make calls throughout the day to optimize the app's speech recognition.

Raubling: Test customer wanted - Raubling / 02/18/2020 !!!

Through intensive preparation based on 2 guidelines, I tested the customer in advance by email and telephone, and then in personal contact.

Kolbermoor: Christmas party Marc O'Polo

During the Christmas party I took on the following activities: - cloakroom for 400 guests - mulled wine reception - catering / flying buffet / drinks service - collecting dirty dishes and glasses - kitchen help / dishwashing service

Rosenheim: Test customers at the promotion stand - Rosenheim - 11/23/2019 - 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

With a briefing in advance, I prepared myself to test a promotion stand and its promoter. I had to do this for about 15 minutes. Then I entered all the results in an online tool.

Munich: Wedding dress sale event

Before the assignment, I was trained in how to sell wedding dresses using instructions and an introductory video. On the day of the assignment, I asked the brides what their ideas were, worked with them to choose clothes (matching their measurements, which I had to measure in part) and then tried them on.

I distributed self-adhesive flyers all over Munich and explained to passers-by who were interested in what we wanted to achieve with the campaign.

Munich: Metallica concert Munich 25x bar tender

I served cocktails, long drinks and other beverages to the visitors to the concert and made sure that the stocks were always refilled and that everything was tidy and clean. I used an electronic cash register.

Graefelfing near Munich: Hamilton (LEKKEREI)

My duties included pouring wine, beer and soft drinks. I also took care of the cleanliness behind the counter and on the surface.

Munich: Newline in the Isarpost (LEKKEREI)

I helped set up and dismantle the buffet, etc., and cleared the dirty plates and glasses from the dining area!

Munich: In-house promotion at FIT STAR

I approached the members of the gym directly and made them aware of the action. I often had to communicate in English.

Munich: In-house promotion at FIT STAR

During the 4 hours I approached the customers / members of the fitness studio and informed them about the campaign and advertised it.

Munich: Interviewer for the MVG survey on the tram

I asked all passers-by who were waiting for the tram / bus using a questionnaire on a tablet.

Markt Schwaben: Innovations fair in Markt Schwaben near Munich

During the 3 days of work, I mainly looked after the digital competition and brought it to the customers. In addition, I answered questions and distributed promotional items, flyers and information to customers, as well as exchanging contact with customers (via business card). On the last day we cleared the stand.

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