What's great about being a welder?

The job exchange overflows with various offers for interesting and exciting professions. You don't necessarily have to follow the classic job profiles, but in some cases a somewhat unusual job can also be the right one.

Since the emergence of industrialization in the 19th century, the profession of welder has also become an important topic. After all, the demand for iron and steel increased steadily, and these materials had to be processed further before they could be sold.

This is exactly where the job offers for welders come in, because this profession is the right choice when looking for a job if you not only want good opportunities for advancement, but also want to do something with your hands.

Job vacancies for welders: what is being done?

The job offers for welders are particularly interesting for men, because around 98.5 percent of employees are male. But more and more women are venturing into the field, because welding is certainly not just a male profession.

If you enjoy manual work and have a lot of variety, then the job offers for welders can be the right solution.

The areas of responsibility are in the metalworking companies, such as body construction, bridge construction, pipeline construction or in heating and ventilation construction. The job of welders is to join different metal parts. They use a large number of welding processes, which will continue to develop in the years to come.

But the welding process is far from over, because the welding seams have to be meticulously checked during assembly so that the seams can withstand the subsequent loads and demands.

Your own safety is ensured in the form of protective clothing, after all, there is a high temperature and bright light at work.

An important point: the salary

Nobody wants to accept job offers for welders if they are not well paid.

The welder's salary depends on various factors. The demands of the job in particular determine the salary significantly, so that you can expect higher earnings in demanding activities, such as working at lofty heights.

However, issues such as age, qualifications or work experience also play a decisive role in wages. When looking for a job, of course, it always depends on whether you have a collective agreement or not.

As a rule, you can expect around 2,700 euros a month. In addition, there are some additional benefits, such as a 13th month salary, which make the job offers even more attractive for welders.

What do you have to bring with you for the job vacancies as a welder?

When looking for a job, you don't just choose a job from the job exchange, you choose a job offer that supports your own interests.

If you are interested in the job offers as a welder, you should have some experience, especially in dealing with metal. The processing of metal takes up the majority of the working time, which is why it should be fun.

Since metal is not a material for delicate hands, you should also have a certain physical constitution so that you can master the handling of the material.

A particularly important point when looking for a job is that you take a lot of care. Even a wrongly welded seam can mean that a component cannot withstand pressure or other requirements and breaks. That is why a lot of dexterity is required so that cracks and similar damage in the weld seams can be recognized immediately.

Job offers for welders: Previously the training

Of course, you cannot pick up the welding machine directly and start working. First of all, training or further education must take place in the form of courses. Corresponding job offers can usually be found in any job exchange.

Since the change in the training regulations in 2004, welding technology is no longer a specialist area in the construction technology training occupation. However, a welder is also not a recognized training occupation. Today it mostly depends on the company to what extent welding technology is learned.

From a purely legal point of view, no specific school education is required in order to become a “certified welder”. However, most companies require at least a secondary school leaving certificate.

The training is regulated and organized by two associations. In this respect, the training can take place in the educational institutions of the German Association for Welding or at the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV).

The duration of the training is always based on previous knowledge of welding as well as the desired qualification or existing knowledge.

As a rule, a pipe welder course can be completed after just 12 weeks. On the other hand, the training to become a vertical seam welder takes around 20 weeks if no knowledge is available.

Experience more while looking for a job

In the job exchange there are many more professions that have to do with metalwork.

The job offers for metal workers are a good example. These job offers for metal workers are one thing above all: Particularly exciting. In addition, the job market is desperately looking for new employees, because the fields of activity of metalworkers are constantly expanding.

The many tasks that this job has to offer are interesting. The training extends over 3 ½ years, in a dual training.

In the end, you can choose one of three directions: metal design, commercial vehicle construction or construction technology. The activities now revolve around metal and the processing of the material.

In this respect, different vehicles and products can be built, whereby, similar to job offers for welders, high temperatures arise. It is therefore important to protect yourself well and to be aware of the risks.

On the other hand, the career prospects of a trained metalworker are all the better, because there are skilled workers in demand in every job exchange. Thanks to various specializations as well as further training or additional studies, many interesting paths can be followed.

Another possibility are job offers for plant mechanics. As the name suggests, these are mechanics who plan, build and maintain systems. This job is ideal especially for people who enjoy detailed work and planning. A particularly large number of job offers as a plant mechanic in Hamburg can currently be found on the job exchange.

Exciting jobs in the metal industry

If you enjoy working with metal, then the job offers as a welder, metal worker or plant mechanic are certainly a good idea.

One of the main reasons why one should consider these professions when looking for a job is that more and more people are wanted in this field. This is due to the material metal, which is used today in many different areas.

A big plus point is that as a welder you don't have to complete a long training course over several years. Depending on your previous knowledge and the desired job profile, you can start working in the job after just 12 weeks.

Finally, the advantage is that there is a good chance of advancement in all areas, because you can secure yourself a permanent place in this area through further training, courses of study and specializations.


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