Does the mind ever stop thinking?

Breaking out of the trance. A satirical book review by Harry Popow.

"If I think of Germany at night, then I will be deprived of sleep". Heinrich Heine continues to work. But also in the daydreams of a person like Max, an eternal yesterday, as he and others of the same disposition are usually called with a malicious grin after a peaceful life in East Germany has been broken off.

This is due to a book by a Dawson Church called "Mind Over Matter". Max, reading the title critically, he only picked it up with pointed fingers. But not without a certain curiosity. Then in the evening he fell into reading. Always with the question in mind, how the spirit should determine everything and everything. Or has a modern shaman set out on the trail of the transfiguration of the human brain?

Then it happened: after laboriously reading for almost all night, his tiredness increased. He sank into an infinite silence. Inwardly, he began to meditate. Just for yourself. Everyone does that. Whether painting or reading or writing. But with profundity. Not like with Anne Will in the superficial chat. But this time he went into a trance unconsciously. And then pictures floated towards him, which made him "sleepless" and haunted him into his dreams.

He found himself embroiled in a duel with the author. Not with guns, God forbid, only with words. A duel in the middle of a quiet park. Max, the materialist, had challenged his counterpart, obviously an idealist. After all, it is about the down-to-earth attitude of the former and the rebellious spread of the belief that the spirit rules the human brain and is able to change matter. A spirit that guides and creates everything. The basic question of philosophy, that being determines consciousness, is outdated in today's time of confusing political and social discrepancies in this world. In other words: it was about breaking off beliefs and instead fleeing from reality, which of course suits the ruling elite.

The "scientific" demon
Max and Moritz sit together on a park bench. Max doesn't want to harm the other person, just confront them, wants to find out how they see the world and want to change it. Moritz suspects it. He immediately goes into attack position. With "scientifically" proven statements, he effortlessly throws Max into a skid and, as he believes, into the realm of eternal happiness and joy.

On infinitely long pages, Moritz, the author, with the support of countless scientists and friends - especially from the medical and psychological field - torments ignorant readers with technical terms that no one can understand - from wherever.
And then Max ducks, because they hit his head too: They talk about epigenics, cymatics, "strings" (energy). Epiphenomena, synapses or enzymes and transcendent experiences are also philosophized. The connection between the human brain and the world should be achieved by brain waves called: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Gamme. The author recommends a free EcoMeditation, this is a recipe for ideal brain waves.

Max raises his hands. He is close to fainting. “Enough,” he calls out to the duelist sitting next to him. “Everything may be perfect, what they offer me and what they expect me to do, but who should understand that apart from the doctors and medical professionals? They play their tricks, these technical terms are only supposed to hide their political intentions, which are certainly still hidden, aren't they? "

Moritz continues undeterred. This time he can come up with case studies. A little reassured, Max looks slightly angry at the man next to him. Inwardly he is excited, but also prepared to get new atrocities thundered on his head.

With a sardonic grin, Moritz now offers the allegedly yesterday a whole range of actual incidents and experiences of individual people who, as if by magic, would have experienced a wonderful healing of their suffering.

Page 86/87: A woman had uterine cancer. She should have an operation, which she refused. She ate a healthy diet, meditated daily, read inspirational books, went for a lot of walks, parted with not so close people. Nine months later: no more signs of cancer. “In this environment full of positive healing energy and guided and guided by consciousness, the matter of Adeline's body changed. Your cells responded, and your body began to clean up the dysfunctional cancerous tissue. With the help of energy she healed her material body; she never returned to her old habits. ”Page 139: A malignant brain tumor in a man. A life-threatening operation is imminent. The man is meditating. He sees extraterrestrial beings. “One of them put his hand into Josès skull and looked around for a while.” One day later - after a new image - the tumor had disappeared “without a trace”. Page 182: Someone Suffered Fatal Muscle Degeneration, a rare disorder called "Mitochondrial Inclusion Body Myositis." Then Dawson was practicing tapping with this someone in "a live call for a few minutes". That someone was taking a certification course at Dawson. With success. The image of the healthy body was projected into the "unified consciousness eleven". Then that someone danced again. Page 276: Studies say: The number of AIDS viruses in the blood increases three times as fast in those subjects who believe “in a punishing God” than in those who believe “in a benevolent God”.

“Stop it!” Max yells indignantly to his interlocutor. “Everything can be true, after all, there are thousands of similar experiences from people. But these should not be used to manipulate people, they just like to believe and meditate, then everything would be better. No matter how many examples one can cite from all areas of life, they prove nothing at all if they are not put into a larger context or scientifically underlined ”. Moritz waves it away and puts on his mental defense and attack weapon again. This time with sentences that, like cannon blows, either make the blood clot in any sensible person or provoke a fit of laughter.

At first Max nods. Meditation, spiritual search, reflecting on oneself are deeply anchored in human history, but must not lead to asceticism, to withdrawal from any responsibility. Meditation, as old as it is, is practiced today by so many people in the broken world. May they find themselves. May you believe. But it is also important to broaden your own horizons. Be coherent, as it is often said in the book. Recognize connections. The goal of meditation should not be to escape from reality, but to turn to other people, to the problems that concern them. The focus is not on the I, but on the WE. Max is tolerant and mindful of his fellow human beings. In this case, he inwardly agrees with the author, his duelist. He asks him to continue to argue with him. What else does he have to say? Does he get to the point and the proof that the spirit moves matter?

But the author Moritz keeps sprinkling his findings as truths between the lines, which makes the duelist Max smile and his hair stand on end. Page 20: "We align our individual minds with the awareness of the universal non-local mind, and the beauty of the material reality we create surpasses anything our limited local mind could ever dream of." Pages 31/33: The Mind literally creates the brain. Meditation changes the structure of the brain. Page 38: Spirit becomes matter. Pages 52/53: Consciousness is able to “change matter from the ground up - through intention and energy fields”. The spirit of a single person can sometimes "change an entire society on the level of matter". Page 80: Fields can create matter "and arrange matter into atoms, molecules and cells using lines of force". Page 108: Matter is a phenomenon of energy, empirical data have shown that. Page 270: The role of consciousness "in creating this world". Page 298: The universe "is consciousness that continually creates matter from spirit (Hoss, 2016)". One should "tune in to the non-local consciousness of the universe ..." This is how one brings the local mind into coherence with the non-local mind. So one no longer thinks in drawers, one recognizes opportunities to “change the world”. Page 302: Cultivating a coherent local mind begins with aligning our consciousness with the fields of love and creativity of the non-local mind. ”This is why it is so effective“ in the morning while the brain is in an alpha state and not beta yet acts to meditate first ”. Page 369: “By living as spiritual beings with material bodies and aligning our consciousness accordingly on a daily basis, we create a completely different matter with our spirit.” Pages 291/292: People and countries that are in coherence gain a “more comprehensive perspective of the planet ”, this would“ play a decisive role in the abolition of social and economic oppression, wars, cultural intolerance, crime and disregard for our environment (McCraty & Deyhle, 2016) ”.

At this point in the drumming of words by Moritz, his eloquent duelist, Max sees its time to get hold of the upper water. He counters with one of the most important questions for humanity: “What, as you say, about oppression and war? Have you also mobilized your spirit for this, which is supposed to be able to do everything? "

The "truth" about war and peace
Moritz, allegedly in full possession of his spiritual perception, refers to his statement on page 402 that two world wars, bloody conflicts, ignorance, poverty, hunger, injustice and cruelty have bred our species for millennia. People had to suffer because they did not know “that our thoughts create our reality”. But now you know better. The potential of our minds to create reality is immeasurably great. Positive energy - together with millions of other people - create a new reality for our planet. It creates an “irresistible field of love. Nobody rejects this field of love. We do not judge, condemn or complain. We just love. ”(P. 404) From now on people would instinctively act out of kindness and compassion.

Max realizes in a flash: his adversary as a servant of the money vampires cannot and must not answer the urgent question of life. Still in a trance, he thinks: It's unbelievable what he's hearing from his adversary. So you just have to love and everything will be fine. And so Max also dreams: This enlightenment has also reached the political leadership: The world - so far in dire straits because of a new Cold War, because of the increasing contradictions between the powerful capital elites and the poorest of this world - everything has changed suddenly. Now there is smoke from all industrial chimneys, because swords are melted into plowshares. The transatlantic elite fascism gives up its plans of gigantic land grabbing such as NATO's eastward expansion due to a lack of enemies and, above all, is withdrawing from Europe. The wealthy are handing over their wealth to the people. Rents are falling rapidly. Expropriations like German living are normal. The politicians leave their bourgeois bogus parliaments and go together to meditate. They follow the insight that only love between all people and for nature can save our world. It is not without reason that the German Chancellor preaches that we should stick together, whether rich or poor. So there will be peace on earth. "So help me God."

Max, still half asleep on the park bench, wants to say something else, but the man next to him does not react. His place is empty. Max sees him sneaking away in a stooped position at dawn and in the thick fog, carefully looking around. Did he, Max, beat him in a battle of words, so to speak? But seconds later, the man who is sneaking away meets a man with glasses and a dark suit. In the background a Mercedes. The stranger hands Moritz a piece of paper. Max takes a terrifying but almost expected enlightenment ...

As could be read later in the still sincere left-wing press, this was a check for millions. Donated by the largest fundraiser in the world, wealth manager BlackRock. A trillion power. U.S. dollar. Max, as a materialist, should have foreseen this: the dumbing down of the people is highly valued. Max, the materialist and humanist smiles bitterly: His battle of words with the politically disguised “do-gooder” does not change the world, but it helps to clarify positions.

After this nightmare: Max remembers this verse: “I think of Germany at night ...” He gets up. With a wave of his hand he wipes away the nocturnal ghost. What should I do? He sits down at the computer and writes a counter-book. "Breaking out of the trance". Do something. Everyone as he can...

Dawson Church: Mind over Matter. The amazing science of how the brain creates material reality

Hardcover: 448 pages,
Publisher: Momanda; Edition: 1 (October 1, 2018),
Language: German
ISBN-10: 9783956280252, ISBN-13: 978-3956280252, ASIN: 3956280253,

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