What products does Amazon offer

Amazon: An overview of its own products and services

The computer scientist Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com in 1994 as an online bookstore. The business grew quickly and the range expanded to include numerous other products. Amazon has also been active in Germany at www.amazon.de since 1998. Jeff Bezos is now one of the richest people in the world and Amazon has risen to become the world's leading online retailer.

Own Amazon services for customer loyalty

In addition to books, CDs and videos, the Amazon range currently includes electronic and household items, sports and drugstore supplies, fashion and even fresh groceries. Amazon is not just a retailer, it also develops its own products. The US group wants to retain customers with its own streaming services and Prime membership.

Amazon Prime

With its customer loyalty program Prime, the online retailer Amazon has a number of advantages. For 69 euros in the first year, it's not just premium shipping that is waving.

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Amazon Video

Those who use Amazon's Prime membership also have access to Amazon Prime Video. The wide range of films and series can also be used with a separate monthly subscription.

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Amazon Music

While Prime Music is an integral part of Prime membership, the Amazon Music Unlimited service, which offers a significantly larger range of music, can be subscribed to separately.

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Amazon wants to score with its own hardware

In addition to its own streaming services, Amazon also uses its own hardware. The starting shot was given in 2007 with the e-book reader Kindle. This was followed by their own tablet PCs. With the Fire TV set-top box and the Fire TV Stick, Amazon also offers in-house streaming devices. With the networked loudspeaker Echo, Amazon is finally bringing a digital assistant into the living room at home.

The Amazon products have one thing in common: They are usually comparatively cheap and therefore spread quickly. In the annual sales charts of the US group, its own devices are often among the best-selling products. However, Amazon cleverly binds the users of Kindle, Fire-Tablet & Co to its own eco-system. For example, only e-books purchased from Amazon can be read on the Kindle, the Fire tablets only offer access to the Amazon app shop.


Amazon dominates the market for e-book readers with its Kindle. The first Kindle came on the market in 2007, since then Amazon has developed different models for every need and budget.

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Fire tablets

Amazon has been offering its own tablet PCs with the Fire tablets for several years. There are different models for every need. Compared to Apple's iPads, the Fire tablets are considerably cheaper.

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Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

With Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Amazon offers streaming hardware. While Fire TV is powerful and also enables UHD streams, the Fire TV Stick is characterized by its compactness.

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Echo and Dot

Amazon's networked speakers Echo and Echo Dot can be controlled by voice thanks to Alexa and differ in their equipment. The speakers serve as a music player, digital assistant and much more.

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Lightning Deals and "Prime Day"

Amazon not only offers customers a wide range of products in its online shop, but also regularly lures them with reduced-price lightning deals, each of which is only available for a short time. As part of regular promotions such as the "Cyber ​​Monday Week" or the "Prime Day" reserved exclusively for Prime customers, Amazon has further extensive promotional offers. However, the following also applies to purchases on Amazon: The prices should be compared with the offers of other online retailers before making a purchase decision.