Why do we use washers with screws

Our washers and rings contribute to the stability of your constructions and are therefore absolutely indispensable.

For professional and safe work

When a screw is screwed into the building material, a strong, selective force acts on the material. With the help of our washers and rings, you distribute the forces acting on a much larger surface. This has the great advantage that you can specifically avoid tearing or even breaking the building material.

Washers and rings for your craft - quality that pays off

Our discs and rings are made from high quality materials such as steel and stainless steel. This ensures that you have the right product to hand for every type of exposure. This is particularly important if stability is very important or if you want to use our products outdoors, for example.

When selecting our discs and rings, we attached great importance to quality. That is why we only work with manufacturers who have proven themselves to us with their products. So we only recommend what convinced us in the test.

Our selection for your needs

In our online shop for washers and rings you can find everything you need for daily work. Classic spring rings, steep rings and safety rings are just a small part of what we can offer you.

So that you are always well equipped for special needs, you will also find washers and rings for wooden structures, square washers, toothed lock washers and much more in our range.

If you have any questions about our range, you can use our practical contact form at any time. Briefly formulate your request, we will be happy to help you.

Choose now what you need for your work from our range and order today!