What is the most beautiful dark song

The most beautiful songs

1 Up, children, up and sing
2 Viva, viva la musica

3 Veronika, spring is here
4 I like the flowers
5 In March the farmer
6 The songs sound
7 Come on, dear May
8 Hello, you beautiful May
9 Everything is silent
10 Now the beautiful spring is beginning
11 May has come
12 Al canto del cucù
13 Cuckoo, cuckoo, it's calling from the forest
14 A cuckoo sat on a tree
15 birds in the tall tree
16 evening silence everywhere
17 Winter has passed
18 All the birds are already there

19 Trarira, the summer, it's here
20 summertime
21 Go out, my heart, and seek joy
22 O valleys wide, o heights
23 Hiking is the miller's delight
24 On the mountain in the morning dew
25 little dogs
26 I poor French devil
27 The mill rattles
28 In a cool ground
29 Got my car fully loaded
30 A friend, a good friend
31 A hunter was walking along the pond
32 A hunter from the Electoral Palatinate
33 In the most beautiful meadow
34 Not a beautiful country

35 The forests are already colorful
36 A little man is standing in the forest
37 When the wild winds storm
38 Hey! Harness the car
39 Saint Martin
40 lantern, lantern
41 I'm going with my lantern

42 snowflakes, white skirts
43 A B C, the cat ran in the snow
44 This is how we drive out winter
45 Goodbye winter
46 Oh bitter winter

Love farewell
47 If I were a bird
48 When a bird comes flying
49 Kalinka
50 Ännchen von Tharau
51 Innsbruck, I have to let you
52 No fire, no coal
53 There were two royal children
54 I don't know what is it supposed to mean
55 There was a king in Thule
56 A boy saw a little rose standing
57 At the well in front of the gate
58 O, dear Augustine
59 Dat du min Leevsten bust
60 Now I go to Brünnele
61 And in the snow mountains
62 Listen, what's coming in from outside?
63 A dark cloud is entering
64 I'm going there
65 Greensleeves
66 Down by the Salley gardens
67 I dreamed the night
68 Bella ciao
69 winds blow, ships go
70 My Bonnie is over the ocean

Joy · life · children
71 What shall we do with a drunken sailor
72 We love the storms
73 Who wants to see hardworking craftsmen
74 Green, green, green are all my clothes
75 Hop, hop, hop
76 The cuckoo and the donkey
77 happy birthday
78 thaler, thaler, you have to hike
79 ringlets, ringlets, row
80 I want to go to my garden
81 Fox, you stole the goose
82 Hansel and Gretel
83 Two little wolves
84 Dark, dark
85 Three Chinese with the double bass
86 A Bi-Ba-Butzemann is dancing
87 A bird wanted to marry
88 Le coq est mort
89 hum, hum, hum
90 seat boogie woogie
91 What kind of trees must there be?
92 My grandma rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop
93 Oh! Susanna
94 I'd like to have a small violin
95 On the Schwäbsche Eisebahne
96 Who says girls are dumber
97 In the land of blue checkers
98 We are children of one earth
99 Wo pole berjosa stojala
100 It leads across the Main
101 Sur le pont d’Avignon
102 Brothers, come dance with me
103 A girl goes to the dance

Tomorrow evening
104 Wake Up!
105 Good morning, good morning
106 Brother Jacob
107 Rise up, dear children
108 Morning has broken
109 The golden sun
110 The moon has risen
111 Sleep, little child, sleep
112 my children
113 It'll be evening again
114 Oh, how happy I am in the evening
115 Good evening, good night
116 Shlof main fegele
117 Do you know how many little stars there are
118 Who has the most beautiful sheep?
119 Good moon, you walk so quietly
120 Good night, ladies
121 Bona nox
122 Hear, Lords, and be told
123 The little flowers, they sleep
124 Now all forests are at rest
125 Down is the sun's shine

126 A ship is coming, loaded
127 We say to you dear Advent
128 Let's be happy and cheerful
129 Santa Claus is coming tomorrow
130 O Savior, tear open the heavens
131 Mary walked through a thorn forest
132 Who knocks

133 Josef, my dear Josef
134 What's that supposed to mean
135 Up from the sky, that's where I come from
136 Little children, come
137 I'm standing here at your crib
138 A rose has sprung up
139 Silent Night
140 O you merry
141 Ring, bell, ringing ringing
142 Every year again
143 O Christmas tree
144 Go, tell it on the mountain

Faith · Community · Friendship
145 From good powers
146 From good powers
147 Swing low, sweet chariot
148 When the saints go marching in
149 rock my soul
150 Give thanks, give thanks to the Lord
151 Hine mah tov
152 Heaven, light and blue
153 Hava nagila
154 Joy, beautiful spark of gods
155 Heaven and earth must pass away
156 Hans is coming to me today
157 It doesn't take much to be happy
158 Shalom chaverim
159 Dona nobis pacem
160 Down by the riverside
161 John Brown's body
162 Unity and Justice and Freedom
163 Thoughts are free
164 Say goodbye, brothers
165 Often in the circle of loved ones

166 Our life is like traveling

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