What operating system do ATMs use

Diebold-Nixdorf: Switching to Windows 10 for ATMs

Diebold Nixdorf wants to switch to Windows 10 as the operating system for its ATMs. According to their own statement, they are the first manufacturer to venture into the industry. So far, the manufacturer's machines have still relied on Windows 7.

Banks have to switch by 2020

With the switch to 64-bit Windows 10, banks would have better security features and the ability to provide customers with modern applications, the company said. The changeover has been prepared for a long time and only Windows 10-capable processors have been installed since 2014. Existing applications of corporate customers should continue to run, it is assured. By January 14, 2020, the banks would have to have completed the migration to the new Windows version, because then Diebold Nixdorf's Windows 7 support will end.

Diebold Nixdorf emerged from the takeover of the German manufacturer Wincor-Nixdorf by US competitor Diebold, which took place last year. The joint group has around 25,000 employees and almost a million ATMs at its customers.

Windows XP on ATMs

ATMs are often cited as examples of hardware with outdated and insecure operating systems - 95 percent of all ATMs that still run Windows XP have been around for a long time.

It should be noted that the end of support for XP in 2014 did not affect all of the embedded versions. Microsoft will continue to offer support for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 based on XP until 2019. The federal government had already asked the German banking industry to switch to newer operating systems in 2014, regardless of whether the machines are "connected to the Internet" or not. (Axk)

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