Why can't I get involved in anything?

Social engagement: tips for the résumé

Dedicating yourself to a good cause, showing commitment to achieve something positive or helping other people who are not doing as well as you are. social commitment is an important aspect in every society and shows that people are able not only to think about themselves, but also to act in a completely disinterested way. In addition, it is also welcome in applications and in professional life if (potential) employees are socially committed and use their energy and time for good causes outside the company. However, it is Social engagement alone is not automatically an advantage, they also have to sell this accordingly and get it across. This is exactly where it can get difficult, however, if the commitment only serves the purpose of creating a more attractive CV ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Social engagement: what does it mean to be socially involved?

Social engagement means first and foremost that you are yourself voluntary and honorary use for a good cause. On a large scale, social engagement includes, for example, nature and animal protection, but everyone can also become socially involved in their environment. How exactly you get involved can be very different and also depends on your personal possibilities. In most cases it is primarily your time that you invest in social engagement, but financial support in the form of donations can also be viewed as socially motivated.

In addition to the direct benefit that the engagement - whether privately or through work for a charitable organization - brings with it, social engagement also promotes one personal development. To help other people Thinking outside the box looking out and trying to really make a difference and to change things for the better can enormously strengthen the character, bring greater self-confidence and help to strengthen further positive character traits - gratitude, humility, helpfulness and greater social competence.

Another effect: Social commitment, if it is done sincerely and with passion, compels many people big respect from. You are sacrificing your precious free time to do something good, instead of either idling or focusing solely on your own goals and personal benefit. Not everyone is ready for it.

Examples of social engagement

How and where you want to get involved socially, there are many options open to you. Numerous organizations are very happy to have volunteers who provide active support. Probably every city has the chance to be socially active. But if you still lack the inspiration you need, we have a few Examples of social engagement collected:

  • Participation in telephone counseling
  • Voluntary help in social institutions
  • Visits to the elderly or sick
  • Work in refugee aid
  • Collaboration in addiction counseling
  • Volunteer firefighter
  • Everyday help (for example running errands or shopping)

Social commitment in the curriculum vitae

Social engagement is also a big topic for prospective graduates and applicants. Anyone who wants to survive on the job market today and want to improve their chances of getting their dream job must exhaust all possibilities in order to be personal profile to make it as perfect as possible.

In addition to all the hard facts of training and professional qualifications, this also includes personality, soft skills and all the things that you are looking for next to his job still used and committed.

Hardly a résumé reaches the personnel departments in which one or the other social station is not available. Give a language course abroad, help with the distribution of food to the needy or support other social institutions.

The attitude It is clear: If you cannot show social commitment in your résumé, you are cutting yourself into your own flesh and leaving the coveted position to others who have been harder working.

But this leads to a difficult attitude: I HAVE to be socially committed. The real reason - to do good, to help others and to grow from it - is slipping further and further into the background. Instead, the focus is on competitive thinking. What did others do? Where do I have to get involved in order to keep up? Whether pupil, student or trainee: everyone has a social commitment that should make a good impression on their résumé.

Please do not get this wrong: There is nothing wrong with using professional development as an incentive to be socially active. Often this is exactly what is assumed, and HR managers see such a commitment as positive in most cases. Still, it is important that you stand behind what you put yourself and your time into. If you just want to pimp your résumé, you won't get very far.

This is how you score with social commitment

First of all: yes, social engagement can have a positive impact on the application and a HR manager. In the best case scenario, your commitment underscores some desirable qualities that are expected of you and required in the job. For example, if you have been doing voluntary work abroad for a time, this can attest to a high degree of independence, intercultural competence, language skills, helpfulness or even empathy.

On the other hand, HR managers also know very well that there are many applicants with social commitment mainly optimize their résumé want. Personal development, true motivation for a topic or even just a social thought are in vain in these cases.

So it would be a big mistake social commitment as a sure-fire success to watch. Motto: Invest a few hours, just write your résumé and you're done. Experienced HR managers recognize such tricks immediately and at the latest when the topic is addressed in the interview, applicants stumble and struggle for answers.

The following Tips help you to make the right use of your social commitment and also to benefit from it in your application.

  • Make sure you stay honest

    With all the optimization madness, many applicants forgets one principle: honesty! The curriculum vitae is constantly being embellished and when it comes to social engagement, it is also a pleasure something exaggerated or even added. Don't let yourself get carried away, stick to the truth.

    Fly such false information in the résumé on, you are immediately out of the running for the job or you may even face termination at a later date.

  • Pay attention to the duration of the social engagement

    Have you been socially committed for two weeks? Or started your social engagement a week before you wrote your application? Then you should think twice about whether you really mention these points in your application. Rather, they are important long-term projects and investments,
    that last for months or maybe even years.

    For HR and the job, it depends on what you have learned through your social commitment and how your personality has developed. In such a short span of a week or two it takes place not a big development instead, it gives the impression that you are trying to fill your résumé.

  • Prepare for questions from recruiters

    Why did you choose this particular social commitment?What does it mean for you personally?What were you able to take away from this time? When listing your social activities, be prepared for recruiters to address them in the interview and also drill a little deeper.

    This also shows whether you really stand behind your commitment and this with enthusiasm and passion exercise. Therefore, think about a suitable answer in advance of the interview, with which you can convince the HR manager and perhaps establish a reference straight away why your social commitment also has advantages for the job.

  • Don't get too elaborate

    Through social engagement, one or the other weakness in the résumé can be concealed or compensated to a certain extent. Social engagement alone can and should, however no entire application can be built up. Therefore, do not focus too much on your commitment.

    Rather treat your social engagement as one of a kind Addition that distinguishes you from other candidates and can take off. Nevertheless, the focus of the application should be on your qualifications and motivation.

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