Why is lead nurturing just as important

B2B lead nurturing explained in a nutshell

We'd like to claim that every B2B marketer has read at least one article about the importance of lead generation. We, too, regularly hear, read and even write about it ourselves. The theory that lead generation is one of the most important goals in B2B must therefore be true. But what happens after all the leads have been generated?

B2B lead nurturing is the magic word. You can find out what that is in the following.

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What is B2B lead nurturing?

B2B lead nurturing refers to the process, i.e. all actions taken, between the actual lead generation and the point at which the former lead can be handed over to sales. Potential customers are provided with appropriate information in line with the current status of the decision-making process.

To put it more simply: You maintain your customer contacts and try to develop them further by providing you with exactly the information and documents you currently need in order to get one step closer to a purchase.

Lead nurturing can be used in many cases. Regardless of whether it is for new customer acquisition, customer loyalty or maintenance of existing customers, or to win back old customers.

The different levels between lead and customer can be determined using a funnel.

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Why is lead nurturing so important?

At first glance, a lead only means that contact details have entered a system, usually in exchange for added value. However, this often suggests no interest in the products on offer. This must first be awakened by appropriate information at the right time.

Imagine you are looking for a new laptop. Are you going for a market that simply shows on a poster that it sells laptops, or are you going for the business that advises you and gives you the information you need at that moment?


So it can be said that lead nurturing is at least as important as lead generation. Because customer contacts on a database alone do not bring the company anything. Only when they are provided with information and convinced to buy can added value be extracted from a lead.

Before lead nurturing can begin, however, enough leads must be generated. You can find out how to do this successfully with lead ads in our whitepaper.