Why should I hire you

Why should we hire you? 10 good answers

  • "Because I the best for the job! "

  • "Because I better than the others am! "

  • "Because you know me already invited for an interview then I can't be that bad! "

  • “You have to know yourself! Or am I the HR manager here? "

Inconsiderate answersThese types are certainly used in job interviews hardly suitable, around HR experts, future Line managers or possibly managing DirectorTo convince CEOs and other decision-makers at the highest management level.

But how are you better?

Take advantage of that 4-fold continuation argument, which we use very successfully for our customers in our consulting practice.

And then train with the 10 examples of good answers at the end of the article.

Wrong Answers: The "Why Choose You?" Question

In principle, you will convince with your answer if you argue from the new position and provide several pieces of evidence as to why you are the right person.

Use job profile

Therefore, always refer to the job advertisement before an interview, which you usually found in a job exchange or on the company website.

Print out the job advertisement and underline

  • Which tasks have to be managed (skilled workers),

  • Which Areas of responsibility be taken over (Executives and Project managers),

  • Which Expertise be demanded,

  • Which IT programs be used,

  • Which linguistic proficiency may be used,

  • Which personal strengths ("Soft skills") are expressly required,

  • Which professional experience are indispensable and

  • how the new employer is in the Company description, usually right at the beginning of the job ad, represents itself.


In the first step, you shouldn't limit yourself and really underline all the requirements in the ad and then write them down on a separate sheet of paper. For example, subdivide the tasks of the new position, professional requirements (knowledge) and personal requirements (social skills).


Then, in a second step, make a selection of what you think are the most important wishes and requirements.

In order to have more security for the right decision about what is indispensable and what is less important, you should also research the company website again. Analyze how that works out Companies describes himself.

  • Will the team spirit of employees expressly mentioned?

  • Will the Growth course highlighted?

  • Will feel like New and having fun creative ideas stressed (start-up)?

Examples: Why hire me?

If you have now filtered out the most important requirements that new applicants have to meet, you will be able to match them with yours strengths-based resume from.

For example, make two columns on a piece of paper. In the left column you write the requirements and in the right column as you have fulfilled them at the moment or in previous places.


Think about how you came into contact with the requirements.

  • Which tasks have you already met regularly in day-to-day business?

  • Which activities have you exercised in both your current and previous positions?

  • Which of the required knowledge have you brushed up in recent years?

  • About which special Industry experience do you have?

  • when did you Representing colleagues (Vacation, illness)?

  • Which of yours Strengthen (Teamwork, innovative strength, reliability, resilience, initiative, etc.) fit extremely well?

Now you have enough material to hand to be able to make a real recommendation on your own behalf.

Success tip

Very important, think about it too Results, Results and successesthat you have been able to achieve professionally and that are suitable for the new position.

For example, training colleagues, improving processes, lowering costs, increasing quality, and reducing complaints.

Error: just one argument

You will not make the common mistake that you do only one setting argument call.

Not like that!

For example "I am the right employee for you because I am very familiar with the requirements of online marketing."

Or "You should hire me because I'm a real team player."

Or "Because my English skills go well with the position in product management."

Tactic: 4 reasons why I should be hired

Instead, if you present several setting arguments in a structured form, work with the 4-fold continuation argumentthat we use very successfully in our coaching practice. This means that you put at least four arguments into your answer, not just one attitude argument.

Your choice of words should match your "nature", that is, your personality.

Example 1: factual

For example, if you would like to appear more task-oriented (more factual), formulate with sentences of this kind.

-> “From my point of view, it speaks for me that I am already… and… doing at my workplace, which is also important for the advertised position. ...

You will also find it interesting that I have experience in ... and ... But I also bring the knowledge of ... and ... mentioned in the advertisement with me, here I always keep my knowledge up to date, which is very easy thanks to the Internet.

All in all, there are many arguments in favor of hiring me for this position. "

Example 2: Confident

Applicants who know their unique selling points can argue like this.

-> “In the run-up to the interview, of course, I also asked myself what excites me about the position that I should apply and introduce myself. That is why I read the job advertisement several times and also dealt intensively with your products / services and your self-image as a company on your homepage.

I noticed that I see a lot of similarities, for example ... and ... I also know a lot about ..., ... and ... But I also bring with me the knowledge of ... and ... expressly requested in the job advertisement. I also have special knowledge of ... and ... that will certainly be useful to you.

Overall, I am sure that I am a very good fit for the position and your company. And that's why you should hire me. "

Answers: 10 x That's why you should hire me!

Now train to incorporate your attitudes arguments into these 10 sample answers. Keep that in mind 4-fold continuation argument!

1. Project manager

As a project manager for e-commerce, I have extensive experience in the areas of…,… and…. My project knowledge in the area of ​​... is certainly very helpful, especially for the growth strategy you have described. So I believe that you should definitely hire me.