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Increasing intolerance

Essay March 19, 2018[…] To this day, Ahmadiyya are across the board Indonesia expelled from villages and towns, their mosques closed. As "occasional tensions and conflicts" (Magnis-Suseno's formula for describing religious conflicts in Indonesia in the IPG article) one can only describe this if one considers the vanishingly small size of this minority in Indonesia disregards. But if you factor them in […] Sharia rulings from local governments in Indonesia have been introduced, especially those that regulate "morality" and limit women’s control over their own bodies. (more in Jakarta Post). The upcoming legal reform in Indonesia now threatens the continuing, terrifying persecution of homosexuals in Indonesia then escalate on a legal basis […] Land is missing, so because Aceh has long since gone from being a radical outsider to a role model for the whole of it Indonesia has become (more in the New York Times) international that was only noticed again on the last Valentine's Day - one day before the publication date of the IPG article - than in the second largest city Indonesia, Surabaya, a long way from Aceh, unmarried couples en masse in hotel rooms […] From Marco Stahlhut

How to deal with lesions and deformations in the 'Visionary Archive' in the Forum Expanded

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog[…] Unauthorized occupation, non-existent access to the PFN archive, is not just seen by Laba Laba as a grievance to be remedied, but as an expression of political will, history Indonesia to make forgotten, which they now want to repoliticize for their part. On the one hand, they use the archive space themselves for their critical demonstration practice; on the other hand, members of the lab go […] By Nikolaus Perneczky

Who belongs to what

Essay 02/16/2015[…] or Yemen would have nothing to do with Islam. Or whatever in North Africa - from Morocco to Egypt -, in the Palestinian territories or in southern Lebanon, in Somalia, Sudan, the Philippines or Indonesia - and let's not forget Turkey, which is largely responsible for the triumphant advance of IS - happens, has nothing to do with Islam. In the end there is no such thing, this atavistic one […] By Daniele Dell'Agli

I didn't know anything about it

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog 11.02.2015[…] Cold. Above all, he called one Gestapo man the "German iceberg". Now that he's got Joshua Oppenheimer's new documentary "The Look of Silence" about the murderous persecution of the communists in Indonesia has seen, he knows: the whole country must be an iceberg. The Berlin Talent Campus brought the two filmmakers together to discuss memory, reconciliation and justice in documentary films […] The new film "The Look of Silence", which was shown specially, led the discussion. As in the forerunner "The Act of Killing", "The Look of Silence" is about a hundred thousandfold murder Indonesia Communists under President Sukarno in the 1960s. But this time Oppenheimer does not let the murderers of yore reenact their crimes in barely tolerable scenes, but shows on the one hand […] managed to expose him ", Oppenheimer asks again and again." How did you do that? "Ophüls replies:" Not at all. "Joshua Oppenheimer:" The Look of Silence ". Denmark / Norway / Finland /Indonesia/ Great Britain 2014, 99 minutes. (Screening dates) Marcel Ophüls: The Memory of Justice. Great Britain / Federal Republic of Germany / USA 1975, 278 minutes. (Demonstration dates) […] From Thekla Dannenberg

Islam, totalitarianism and criticism

Essay December 22, 2014[…] In this country, the faith is pragmatic: just as Christians go to church at most once a year, they visit the mosque perhaps once, at most twice a year. But also in Pakistan or Indonesia life is considered more important than doctrine. Although the Koran demeans women, the peoples of both countries chose women to head their governments. That is why the re-kindled […] By Matthias Küntzel

In the clutches of the city theater

In the cinema 07/23/2014[…] Idiosyncratic project by a director who has achieved a level of mastery that could hardly be imagined to date. A great success, a splendid piece of motion cinema. Chapeau. Jochen Werner The Raid 2 - Indonesia 2014 - Original title: The Raid: Berandal - Director: Gareth Evans - Actors: Iko Uwais, Arifin Putra, Tio Pakusidewo, Oka Antara, Julie Estelle, Yayan Ruhian - Running time: 150 minutes. --- Is S […] By Lukas Foerster, Jochen Werner

Magazinrundschau: the best articles of 2013

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich[…] to the Indonesian communists in the 1960s, "The Act of Killing". Oppenheimer lets the perpetrators of that time re-enact their deeds in theatrical and film-like settings. The trust of the in Indonesia Reaching the rank of folk hero was not difficult for the director, he explains in an interview with Nicolas Rapold in Film Comment: "The United States had the genocide […] By Thekla Dannenberg, Anja Seeliger

Without shame or remorse

In the cinema 11/14/2013[…] In 1965 and 1966, following a military coup and on behalf of the ruler General Suharto, death squads passed through Indonesiawho brutally tortured and murdered more than a million opponents, intellectuals and Chinese denounced as communists. A dark side of Indonesian history, which has not been dealt with until today, are the mass murderers of yore […] By Elena Meilicke and Jochen Werner

Between porn and religion: Teddy Soeriaatmadja's 'Something in the Way' (Panorama)

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog 09.02.2013[…] Would be lost. And certainly not in front of those with the clear intentions. Jochen Werner "Something in the Way". Director: Teddy Soeriaatmadja. With Reza Rahadian, Ratu Felisha, Verdi Solaiman and others, Indonesia 2013, 89 minutes (all screening dates) […] By Karen Werner

Help, i'm a european

Literary rescue package for Europe[…] Where can I officially become a European? Is there an authority where I can exchange my Dutch passport? Not because I don't want to live in my country anymore. I love the Dutch […] By Adriaan van Dis

Mercilessly overexposed

In the cinema 07/11/2012[…] of red (artificial) blood splatters. The testosterone-saturated trip to hell was staged by the young Welsh director Gareth Evans, who was originally based on love and a documentary film project Indonesia had devious. However, it is not surprising that Hollywood is now waving: the action scenes - and after the first quarter of an hour, one after the other, without a break - are simply great […] Opposite: contrasts, contrasts, but few nuances or nuances. That is not all that interesting and certainly not particularly detour - because of "Periferic". Elena Meilicke The Raid - Indonesia / USA 2011 - Original title: Serbuan maut - Director: Gareth Evans - Actors: Iko Uwais, Ray Sahetapy, Joe Taslim, Doni Alamsyah, Yayan Ruhian, Pierre Gruno, Tegar Satrya - Length: 101 min.- Start: […] By Lukas Foerster, Elena Meilicke

A promise kept: Ly Bun Yims '12 Sisters' (Forum)

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog 14.02.2012[…] Act). The melodramatic escalation in the last third of the film, on the other hand, may have its roots in popular Indian cinema. A proximity to the fantastic cinema, which is also very rich Indonesia or Thailand's is even more likely; The generous use of copyright on the soundtrack, to put it mildly, is also a tradition in this area, for example. A large part […] By Lukas Foerster

The dilemma of the deniers of reality

Essay 09/06/2011[…] I refer to the fact that countries with the world's largest Muslim societies (Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey) were ruled by a woman earlier than the Federal Republic of Germany. Also the fact that fifty years ago the Communist Party in Muslim Indonesia was one of the largest in the world with more than two million members, shows how stubborn the […] influencing President Tehran was disappointed. There is talk of the peacefulness of Islam, while Islamist terror is constantly advancing: In Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, in Indonesia, Nigeria and Iran. The friends of Islam should actually admit that the critics of Islamism were right with their gloomy prognoses. Instead, however, they hide in hers […] By Matthias Küntzel

Fretwurst, the German

Essay 09/17/2010[…] Poles, Hungarians in Romania, Romanians in Hungary, spectacle wearers trained for intellectual work in the peasant kingdom of Pol Pots, disturbing Kosovars in Greater Serbia, remaining Serbs in Kosovo, Chinese traders in Indonesia, Africans in a small German town, owner of a cow as a kulak in Stalin's Soviet Union, Tutsi in the Hutu nation that is to be homogenized. Between 1920 and 1950 - so within just three […] From Götz Aly

Excerpt from Francois Walter: Disasters. Part 1

15.03.2010[…] Little is known that the extraordinary shades of orange, red and pink, as they can be found on several sunsets at William Turner, the distant echo of the eruption of Tambora in Indonesia of 1815 or that the shimmering sky due to the refraction of light on the banks of the Thames inspired the painter William Ascroft to depict the eruption of Krakatoa (1883) in the […]