How is shoplifting affecting the business?

Shoplifting: Retail thefts are on the rise

It is an old and irritating topic that is always annoying for shopkeepers. In the German retail trade, goods worth 3.75 billion euros were stolen last year. This means that more was stolen again than in the previous year, as a study by the Cologne retail research institute EHI shows. If you include organizational errors such as incorrect price tags in the losses, retail lost around 4.4 billion euros in 2019 - around five percent more than in the previous year.

Around two thirds of sales losses due to thefts were attributable to customers, the rest is due to criminal employees or suppliers. "From a purely statistical point of view, every person in Germany steals a goods value of almost 30 euros per year," says EHI expert Frank Horst, according to a press release.

The trade misses around one percent of its turnover due to the deficits. Including expenditure on security and theft prevention, it is around 1.3 percent. The thieves also pay dearly for the state: they lose around 510 million euros a year because there is no VAT revenue for the stolen goods.

According to police crime statistics, the reported shoplifting fell by around four percent in the past year. According to statistics, simple shoplifting has been falling for years, while serious thefts have increased significantly. However, it is assumed that the number of unreported cases is more than 98 percent.