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Winning a house and expanding what is good - Aktion Mensch

You can achieve a lot with a ticket from the Aktion Mensch-Lotterie - for yourself, but especially for others. The 5 star ticket offers you additional chances to win a dream home with a plot of land. To win your house, all you have to do is select the appropriate category on your ticket. With a little luck you can make your life more beautiful and at the same time help Aktion Mensch to support many social projects - to build or expand them. In total, that's usually 1,000 projects per month, i.e. a good 12,000 a year. This is only possible because, as a rule, 4.6 million people like you play in the lottery. This makes Aktion Mensch the largest social lottery and the largest private funding organization in Germany. Since its inception, it has invested a total of 3.6 billion euros in funded projects. With your lot you are making an important contribution to it. The higher your stake, the more you support Aktion Mensch and the higher your chances of winning.

A dream house, as big as you want

The 5 star lottery of Aktion Mensch offers you the additional chance of winning a house in two variants. You have the choice between a dream house with land for 500,000 euros or one million euros each. Then you play in the drawing in this category every month. In addition to the normal weekly drawing that you enter with your ticket. Here you have chances of winning up to one million euros anyway. What you may not know: You can win more often with your ticket. Because it plays along as long as it is valid. And what's more, the odds of winning the Aktion Mensch lottery are higher than those of the lottery. This is supported by the 35 millionaires who have won every year at Aktion Mensch. But even if your ticket number is not drawn, there are always winners at Aktion Mensch: you, who make a difference with your efforts and those who take part in the supported projects.

Aktion Mensch - all under one roof

As already said: you can achieve a lot with your ransom. Thanks to the proceeds from the lottery, Aktion Mensch is committed to togetherness in society, to the natural coexistence of people with and without disabilities - inclusion. In addition to supporting projects, this also includes educational work and information. The topic is still alien to many people. That should change with good information work. Thanks to your lot, Aktion Mensch can do that. And by the way, you might become the proud owner of a house or a villa, but definitely your dream home. The key to this can be your 5 star ticket.

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