Do you feel something new today?

Translation of "Do you feel" in English

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Do you feel you safer today than yesterday?
Do you feelwhat's going on here?
Do you feel your need, doctor?
Do you feel accepted you at Brynje?
Do you feel difficult to learn?
Do you feel the pain in your heart
Do you feel now pressure, what concerns the selection of your future projects? Absolutely.
Do you feel some pressure now regarding your future projects? Absolutely.
Do you feel you at home everywhere?
Do you feel you stronger then, brother?
Do you feel it now, Travers?
Do you feel you safer in there?
"Do you feel the chemistry between us? "
Do you feel also in the way?
Do you feel my heart beating beloved
Do you feel you are so indescribably good right now?
Do you feel the power of the forest?
Do you feel you a little less weak?
Do you feel you in Smallville?
Do you feel Pain or cramps here?
Do you feel you really alright?
Are you sure you're feeling normal?
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