Why is Scrabble called Scrabble

That's behind the Dojo's Scrabble prank

It was a completely normal Monday morning when Mattel announced a "sensation" in a press release: For the 70th birthday of "Scrabble", the game manufacturer is daring a fresh start and is undergoing a makeover. And what does it look like in a game that is all about words? Correct: It is adapted to the youth language. Instead of the previous brand name, which is extremely well known, the classic should now be called "the letter YOLO". After all, "YOLO", which stands as an acronym for "You only live once", was the youth word of 2012. That that was six years ago and that kids no longer use "YOLO" in everyday life - it doesn't matter. The Krone puts on an online commercial with MC Fitti - whose most successful time was a few years ago - who advertises the facelift of the game with a lot of "swag" (production: Pretty Ugly Motion Pictures, Berlin). The clip now has almost 140,000 views on Facebook alone.

SCRABBLE is now called LETTER YOLO! (feat. MC Fitti)

The reactions (see below) after the launch of the commercial on social networks were not long in coming. Many responded either horrified or angry, "stupid and embarrassing" is the attempt to rejuvenate a cult brand, others could not believe their eyes, Mattel could hardly be serious. Many other users made fun of the "letters YOLO" and renamed other classic games without further ado: "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" became "Chill the base, dude!", Monopoly either became "Gönn dich" or "Money Swag" and Roulette to "luck from the ball". Of course, it wasn't long before the first major media reported, including ZDF.de, FAZ.net and the youth portals Bentound Jetzt.

The network went crazy for three days, now the resolution follows: The whole thing was not meant seriously at all. Scrabble remains Scrabble. The shit storm was calculated, the wild reactions of the network community firmly planned. The unusual advertising campaign was conceived by an agency that has made a name for itself in Germany's creative scene in recent years with unconventional advertising away from the mainstream: Dojo. The goal of the clever campaign: All of Germany should talk about Scrabble again on its 70th birthday. Dojo and Mattel have definitely done that.

The Berlin agency is quite proud of the response to the apparent renaming of Scrabble to "Letters YOLO": "Just in time for our birthday we wanted to demonstrate exactly what Scrabble has stood for for 70 years: a real passion for words and language! About words you should be able to argue and argue. Preferably, of course, when scrabbling. Lol, "says Creative Director Joachim Bosse. And his co-managing director Dominic Czajaadds: "No campaign could have illustrated this better than the Scrabble fans themselves. A whole Internet army of people with good taste who - quite rightly - revolted against an embarrassing renaming with an even more embarrassing spot. Thanks Germany for the turn up ! "

The Scrabble prank is broken up today by a second advertising clip in which Mattel should provide great relief for game fans: "Language is changing. But classics remain classics - and Scrabble Scrabble!", It says. Then everyone can turn the swag down again.dd

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