The narcissists throw you away permanently

The narcissist in a relationship: how to live with him?

As harsh as it sounds, a narcissist is unable to develop loving, caring relationships with other people. He cannot even develop a healthy relationship with himself. The relationship with a narcissist will therefore always be characterized by an emotional dependence on the partner, and not by harmony and love. As long as you submit to his self-love and control addiction, you can Living together work though. But can such a partnership really make you happy?

You should ask yourself this question again and again. Because even if he claims it: He will not and cannot change because he is the only sensible person in his own world who does not make mistakes. Therapy is therefore usually unsuccessful because the narcissist would then have to admit that something is wrong with him. For him, however, only his applies ego and his autonomy - and both stand in the way of a happy relationship.

Even experienced therapists advise escaping a relationship with a narcissist. Because the partnership leaves its mark on the subordinate part. Anyone who has managed to get out of such an unhealthy relationship usually needs help in the form of therapeutic care themselves in order not to get involved in a similarly destructive relationship again.

What's the best way to deal with a narcissist? 5 tips

After the initial high in the relationship, does your partner seem to be starting to take on narcissistic traits? Then don't ignore these signs, but take them seriously. As soon as you are aware that the narcissist is by your side too emotions and behavior patterns is unable you can try with his personality to deal better and, above all, not to let your own suffer. These 5 tips will help you deal with a narcissist:

1. Don't let him blind you

You think you've finally found the Prince Charming? The relationship is just too perfect to be true? Then a healthy mistrust is definitely appropriate, because something is usually wrong when it comes to being too perfect. However, this can only be found out years later, when the narcissist has cast a spell over you and turned you from a loving partner into an admiring fan.

2. Pay attention to the warning signs from the environment

A lot has gone down the drain in his past, but he always blames others himself? He would never admit that he might be partly responsible. That is even his fullest belief. Make up your own mind, however, and don't let his be pushed onto you.

3. Set boundaries for it

He's suddenly starting to put you down for little things? Does he insult you in public or criticize your appearance? Bad behavior cannot be ignored. If you let yourself be treated like that for too long, it can quickly be too late and the narcissist has pushed you into the position of subordinate. So tell him immediately that he has crossed a line and shouldn't do that in the future. He will not be able to deal with this rejection and criticism and will go to the ceiling or be offended for days. In addition, he will start a power struggle, which of course he wants to win. So be prepared and face it.

4. Strengthen your self-esteem - you will need it

Only when your own self-esteem and self-esteem are strong enough can you hold your own alongside a narcissist. Because he will throw insults at you, find your sore spot and hit it again and again. However, he only does this to cover up his own lack of self-esteem. Verbal hurt is just a desperate cry for attention.

5. Strengthen your social network

The narcissist will try to win you over to himself so that he becomes the center of your life. There is no room for friends and acquaintances. Therefore, despite your relationship, don't neglect your social contacts. Hold Friendships upright and don't let it isolate you from the outside world. Because he will try to develop the relationship with friends and through manipulation and lies relatives to destroy. Should it come to a separation, you at least have allies who support and support you.

The relationship with a narcissist becomes exhausting and takes a lot Strength and energy. As soon as you notice that your partner is robbing you of your strength, the point has come to say goodbye to the relationship before your own psyche is permanently damaged. Therefore, keep in mind from the very beginning that this relationship may one day lead to a breakup.